Here We Go Again: Clippers May Offer Baron Davis to Warriors This Summer

K ShakranSenior Analyst IMay 17, 2009

It's that time of year again for the Golden State Warriors when rumors run deep, journalists get wild, and the fans' hopes are in the sky. According to ESPN's Chard Ford, Baron Davis and Monta Ellis could be the starting backcourt for Warriors next year only if the ailing Los Angeles Clippers draft Ricky Rubio.

When Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell are the representatives for the Warriors, however, an erroneous "something" will certainly occur.

However, Davis will not be returning to the place he raised from the ashes. Period. Why would he?

Chris Mullin was just officially shown the door with Larry Riley's great promotion to the GM position, while Rowell and Don Nelson are in cruise control with the franchise. Davis is smart enough to pass on the Warriors, if he had an opportunity to return to Oakland.

Mullin was the only credible individual in the organization since Davis checked in to the Bay Area in Febraury 2005. Monta Ellis, in an interview with ESPN last Febraury, alluded to his complete trust towards Mullin. Behind the lines, fans could see that Mullin was the sole reason behind Ellis' stay in Oakland after Cohan and Rowell's constant reiteration of the "void your contract" stance.

The same scenario involves Davis.

Rowell vetoed Mullin's extension to Davis last summer, after assuming Davis would not opt-out out of his contract. In total panic mode, Rowell offered Gilbert Arenas a $100 Million deal, but the latter brushed off the franchise that jump-started his NBA career.

Two weeks later, Elton Brand was offered another $100 million dollar deal, but bolted for Philadelphia.

According to Ford, if the Clippers draft the 6'4'' Spanish point guard this June, they may offer Davis for Corey Maggette. Still, that does not make any sense. Maggette left the Clippers due to head coach Mike Dunleavy's horrendous coaching.

Davis left the Warriors due to Rowell and possibly Nelson. What is in it for him? Why would he move from a dumb franchise, to a dysfunctional one?

If anything, Davis will definitely be in talks with some teams this summer for various trade scenarios. But, Warriors' fans will not see the number five jersey flying down the court next year unless Cohan and Rowell start deteriorating.