Pittsburg Steelers: Stats and Schedule

JOHN LUCKELContributor IMay 17, 2009

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 01:  A logo for the Pittsburgh Steelers is seen painted in the endzone during Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

On May 7, the Steelers signed wide receiver Shaun McDonald, who said that it didn't take long to see the difference between his new team and the Lions, the team for which he had played for two years.

Hines Ward signed a four year contract through 2013. Hopefully, Ward will receive his wish to finish his career with the Steelers.

Mike Tomlin was reflecting back to the 2005 season when they followed their Super Bowl winning season with mishaps, letdowns, and loses. Still, Tomlin is familiar with what happens when a team tries to live off of its title for too long.

Some of the notable stats for last year's regular season should give the offense something for which to strive.

Their stats are 290 first downs, 92-224 third down conversions, 4991 total offensive yards, 1690 total rushing yards, 3301 total passing yards, 31.41 average possession time, and a +4 turnover ratio.

  • James Farrior—133 tackles, 87 of which were solos, four sacks, and one caused fumble.
  • James Harrison—100 tackles, 67 solos, 16 sacks, and seven caused fumbles.
  • Troy Palamalu—73 tackles and 54 solos.
  • LaMarr Woodley—60 tackles, 41 solos 12 sacks, and two caused fumbles.
  • Lawerence Timmons—65 tackles, 43 solos, five sacks, and one caused fumble.
  • Troy Palamalu—Seven INTs and 59 yards avg.
  • Tyrone Carter—Three INTs, 64 yards avg, 21.3 long, and went 32 yards with one TD.
  • Lawerence Timmons—One INT, 89 yards avg, 89 yards long, and was 89 yards no TDs.
  • There were 20 total interceptions for the regular season, 290 yards avg, 14.5 longest run, back 89 yards, and two TDs.

The Steelers 2009 schedule looks to be somewhat challenging.

  • Week one—Home against Tenn
  • Week two—Away at Bears.
  • Week three—Away at the Bengals. 
  • Week four—Home against Chargers.
  • Week five—away at the Lions
  • Week six—Home against the Browns.
  • Week seven—Home against the Dolphins.
  • Week eight—A bye week.
  • Week nine—Away at the Broncos.
  • Week ten—Home against the Bengals.
  • Week 11—Away at the Chiefs.
  • Week 12—Away at the Ravens.
  • Week 13—Home against the Raiders.
  • Week 14—Away at the Browns.
  • Week 15—Home against the Packers.
  • Week 16—Home against the Ravens.
  • Week 17—Away at the Dolphins.

Steelers fans, put on your black and gold on for the 2009 season! Let's see if we can cheer the Steelers onto the post season and then the Super Bowl.