Brendan Schaub Promises 'I Will Be the Talk of UFC 165'

Damon MartinContributor ISeptember 11, 2013

UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has literally grown up while competing in the Octagon since appearing on The Ultimate Fighter season 10.

Heading into that show, Schaub was still a novice when it came to MMA, having only four professional fights under his belt after spending most of his athletic career as a football player.

Now, with eight fights in the UFC, which is double the experience he had before he fought in the promotion, Schaub knows it's time to start putting on the performances that will put him at the top of the heavyweight division.

To accomplish that goal, Schaub moved to California to train full time, and he's put more time and effort into his camp to get ready for his UFC 165 fight against Matt Mitrione than any he's ever done before.

There will be no excuses come fight night—Schaub is promising nothing but a spectacular performance. So much so, he even believes that when the night is over, it's his name fans and journalists will be talking about.

"This is the very best I've ever been," Schaub said. "In shape, stand-up, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and now my sights are on Matt Mitrione. I promise you I will be the talk of UFC 165."

Schaub knows that all the talk he's doing leading up to the fight backs him up into a corner to perform at the highest level, and he knows that he has put on a show when he faces Mitrione in Toronto.

The former Colorado fullback knows that just beating Mitrione won't be enough. He has to put him away, and do so in impressive fashion.

"I have to finish him," Schaub said. "It has to be a finish, it has to be a statement fight to get me to that next tier of guys. It's a big test."

Check out the entire interview with Schaub where he also talks about his fractured friendship with Mitrione after they were booked to fight.