Are You Subscribing To DIRECT TV's NFL Sunday Ticket This Year???

Mark KappelContributor IMay 16, 2009

The question was posed to me recently, Are you going to subscribe to DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket again this year? You know, The satellite sports package that allows you to watch every NFL game on Sunday....and Now in HD!

I took a minute to try and justify the cost of this expensive sports package and I found myself reflecting back to my youth.

I was 10 years old and one fall Sunday afternoon I asked my dad to the keys to his car. I went out in to the garage climbed in behind the wheel of that big Oldsmobile, turned on the radio station and started to scan the AM dial for any hint or sound of a Chiefs football game.

The Chiefs were my favorite NFL Team.

This fact had been decided over a friendly discussion with a neighborhood friend when he asked me who my favorite football team was? I asked him who beat his favorite team , the Vikings ,  in Super Bowl IV? Answer:  " The Chiefs "  he replied, Well just to get his goat I said mine was the Chiefs and as they say, the rest is history.

Back then they never showed the Chiefs on TV. Oh, if you were lucky they might show the last minute of a Raiders game where The Chiefs were cheated out of a win on a Field Goal at the gun by our hated arch rivals. And if we were one of the lucky teams , our Highlights were showed at halftime of MNF (Monday Night Football) with Howard Cossell. Wow, that was a treat!

So Sunday after Sunday in the fall there I would sit by myself in the family car searching for the voice of Chiefs radio,listening through the static and fade from other radio stations for great names like Len Dawson,Ed Podolak, Willie Lanier, Bill Kenney, and Stephoine Paige ,   just to name a few.    Listening for three hours plus just to have Dan Fouts and the San Diego Chargers rip out our hearts in a come from behind last second victory. The Chiefs didn't win much back then, but my dedication for them never changed even through all the teasing I would take at school on Monday mornings after another loss.

A few years later my dad took me out one evening to  an appliance store in town and surprised me by buying me a black and white 13" television for my bedroom. I guess he finally realized my passion for the sport and since I was the only football fan in the family they wanted their TV back! Now the Chiefs still weren't on TV much but at least I could watch all of MNF.

Fast forward to the present. My passion for the game and the Chiefs hasn't waned. I have only missed one Chiefs game on TV or in person since 1989 (Week 6, 1990 Detroit at KC) 

I have two sons of my own now, one  has moved out of the house but drives home from college as his schedules allows, to watch the Chiefs with dad on Sundays. A Loving wife that understands me and allows me my Sundays, and who had the idea for a room dedicated just to the Chiefs and watching football with a 48" big screen (well, she did have a motive to get me out of the living room!)

So, You ask me. Am I getting NFL Sunday Ticket this year? Which will allow me to watch every play of every Chiefs game!

Yes, Yes I am.