WWE Night of Champions: Fun Facts About the Pay-Per-View

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistSeptember 10, 2013

WWE Night of Champions: Fun Facts About the Pay-Per-View

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    This Sunday will mark the seventh Night of Champions WWE pay-per-view event.

    The original one was held in June of 2007 and listed as Vengeance: Night of Champions. It was the start of the one night theme that all titles must be defended. This would be the only year the show had Vengeance in the title as it has since been referred to as just Night of Champions.

    The show was held during the summer for two more years and then in 2010, made the debut of being a September event, which it remains to this day.

    Every year we see WWE produce the promotional video that has the numerical facts about Royal Rumble and the participants. I did a similar approach for Night of Champions with its title holders, changes, matches and participants.

Title Matches and Title Changes

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    Since 2007, Night of Champions has featured 41 title matches and one unified title match when the Divas and Women's Championship were both on the line.

    Out of those 41 title matches, there have been 11 matches where the title changed hands.

    There have been 10 different titles defended at this event: WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, women's title, Divas Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, World Tag Team Championship, ECW Championship and WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

CM Punk and John Cena Filled Event

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    There has never been a Night of Champions that didn't end with a match involving either John Cena or CM Punk.

    This year we can expect that streak to end with Daniel Bryan challenging for the WWE Championship against Randy Orton to end the pay-per-view, rather than CM Punk battling Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman.

    However, Night of Champions hasn't been kind to Punk in terms of wins. He's never won a match outright. He lost four matches and his fifth was a double-pinfall finish against John Cena.

    John Cena has a 2-3 record plus the draw that I just mentioned in 2012 with Punk for the WWE Championship.

Non-Title Matches at the Event

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    There have only been three non-title matches ever on the pay-per-view portion of Night of Champions. Two of the three involved CM Punk.

    He lost to the Big Show in a basic singles match in 2010. In 2011, he was involved in a match against Triple H where his chief operating officer position with the company was on the line.

    The third non-title match in Night of Champions history was Randy Orton beating Dolph Ziggler in 2012.

Chris Benoit's Final Advertised WWE Appearance

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    The first Night of Champions event in 2007 was the final WWE event Chris Benoit was advertised to be at by WWE. He was scheduled to be involved in the ECW Championship match but didn't show up to the event.

    Over the course of the next day the world would learn why and the horror that went on in the Benoit household with the murder-suicide of the Benoit family.

    Benoit was booked to battle CM Punk for the vacant ECW Championship and Johnny Nitro took his place and won the title.

Shortest Match Ever at Night of Champions

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    The shortest match in the history of the event was in 2008. It lasted only one minute and 30 seconds. The catch was Hardcore Holly thought his partner was Cody Rhodes going up against Ted DiBiase and a mystery partner.

    Rhodes turned on Holly and the match ended quickly.

    The second shortest match that was more legitimate featured CM Punk. He lost to the Big Show in four minutes and 43 seconds.

Longest Match at Night of Champions

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    CM Punk is once again involved in Night of Champions history. He was involved in the longest match ever at the event with John Cena in 2012.

    The total time 26 minutes and 54 seconds. This was the first pay-per-view where Paul Heyman managed Punk, as he had previously only been seen with Brock Lesnar.

    The controversial ending continued the 400-plus day title reign for Punk that would eventually end in January at the Royal Rumble against The Rock.