The Enigma That Is Misteeeeeeeerrrrrr Kennnedyyy............ Kennnnnnnnnedyyy!!

Captain CharismaCorrespondent IMay 16, 2009

Mr. Kennedy has always had raw-talent, he has always had exceptional mic-skills, he has always had whether as a face or an heel a connection with the fans, but the one thing he has never had on his side is... luck.

Plain and simply put, Mr. Kennedy should be a two-time Worlds Champion by now and he, not HHH, should be leading the charge against Randy Orton for he was meant to be the illegitimate son of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

The first time that I got a sense that luck was not on his side was shortly after the Money in the Bank victory, which was on the verge of propelling Mr. Kennedy to superstardom. 

Mr. Kennedy was being pushed ever since his victory against the legendary HBK. However, one injury, a confrontation with Edge and a 3rd World title for the Rated-R superstar later, his almost GUARANTEED World Title was gone.

Months later, it seemed as that hint of bad luck was gone because Mr Kennedy was given a HUGE push by being so close to being announced the son of Mr McMahon, however, due to unforeseen circumstance which I will not go into at this time, it was found that Mr Kennedy had taken drugs so was suspended.

Luck was again not with KK.

When he got back from this it was a run in the mid-card culminating in a loss at WM24 in the Money in the Bank ladder match, one year after he had won.

Soon, he was injured again but he made a return, and a turn to face, against William Regal which resulting in the 'sacking" of Regal and the draft of Mr Kennedy to Smackdown where he began a feud with Shelton Benjamin but guess what?

During an house show, luck again, deserted Mr Kennedy and he became injured.

Then, I was watching the bore-fest that was Monday Night Raw on Monday, I saw a vignette, a vignette that got me excited again about Monday Nights: The return of Mr Kennedy.

Now, I feel that the WWE first have to see if Mr. Kennedy can handle being back on the roster by putting him in a feud with MVP or Matt Hardy but after that, Randy Orton has to await him (unlikely due to Batista and HHH having to be in the main-event spotlight in order to satisfy their huge egos).

To end this article, I have just this to say: I can only hope that Mr. Kennedy stays healthy, away from any scandal and I will hoepfully get to see one of my dream feuds (the main one being Edge vs. Christian, Randy Orton vs. Christian or Mr Kennedy vs. Christian) in Randy Orton vs. Mr Kennedy which will have five-star matched and promos.

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