The 10 Worst Sports Uniforms of All Time

Chris Yow@@ChrisYow14Analyst IMay 16, 2009

The 10 Worst Sports Uniforms of All Time

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    Baseball has seen its bad uniforms. Basketball has seen some bad, but not awful. Every soccer uniform is horrendous.

    Hockey had its share of terrible ones. Football has not seen a whole lot, but No. 1 is from the pigskin.

    If you can find worse ones that I missed, then I'd love to see those as well. I love my bad uniforms!

Honorable Mention: Milwaukee Admirals

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    Someone please help me know what team wore this atrocious jersey.

10. 1980's Atlanta Braves

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    It was a trend in the eighties to dress badly. It even trickled to the MLB. Atlanta wasn't the only baby blue v-necks, but it was the worst with navy blue lettering.

9. Oregon Ducks

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    You can't have a WORST uniforms list without Oregon. What is Nike thinking with this stuff?

8. San Diego Padres

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    Brown and yellow. Nice colors, weirdos. Who came up with that genius idea?

7. Baltimore Orioles

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    Orange is not good for anyone. Especially ALL orange. Just be glad the hats were black at least.

6. San Diego Padres

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    San Diego needs some new uniform directors. Get rid of the camouflage. Please.

5. Kentucky Wildcats

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    There are so many things bad about this uniform I couldn't list them all. From the cat scratch fever to the number on the shorts to the weird logo on the shorts.

4. Arizona Rattlers

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    Teal is not usually good, but when you mix it with Aztec orange it becomes atrocious. At least the number style is decent.

3. Tampa Bay Buccanneers

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    Again, you can't have a list of worst uniforms without Tampa Bay. It took them 20 years to get rid of this. Why that long?

    They wanted to wait and see what it looked like on a winner. Never got there.

2. Vancouver Canucks

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    Vancouver, Canada. It's no wonder the Canadians pushed them off the mainland. Who would want to associate themselves with this awful uniform?

1. Orlando Thunder

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    Okay—the Orlando Thunder of the WLAF is by far and away the worst sports uniform of all-time. The sunshades came out, but not because it was central Florida in the spring and summer.

    It was because Kerwin Bell was as bad at quarterback as his team was at dressing.