Message to the Buffalo Bills: Shut Down the Circus

Michael McMastersCorrespondent IMay 16, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - 2006:  Russ Brandon of the Buffalo Bills poses for his 2006 NFL headshot at photo day in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Getty Images)

It’s tough being a Buffalo Bills fan. The team gets no love, no respect. It seems like nowadays the Bills are the laughingstock of the NFL.

Ever since the Terrell Owens signing, there has been a frenzy of media attention. It's like Bills quarterback Trent Edwards said in a recent interview with ESPN: If the Bills hadn’t signed T.O., you wouldn’t even be talking to me right now.

The Bills got the Monday night game solely because T.O. is news. He is arguably the greatest wide receiver to play the game, but I question what motivates him. It seems like he is going to bring a circus to town with his new reality TV show.

I mean, seriously, what are they going to cover? T.O. goes to organized team activity practice, T.O. goes to dinner with the team, T.O. goes to a Toronto strip club, etc.

While there is no denying he is a talented player and could bring some much needed swagger to this team, ultimately it just seems like a Jason Taylor-type deal.

Will his mind be on football come game day, or will he just be trying to set up his next career in acting/entertainment?

On top of all the T.O. commotion, Bills players seem to be getting arrested left and right. Marshawn Lynch is smoking pot and toting pistols around in a backpack, Donte Whitner is getting Tasered by the police outside of clubs, Ko Simpson is beating guys up in clubs, and Corey McIntyre is exposing himself to old ladies.

This is not the type of attention the Bills need. The team can’t afford to be known as the Cincinnati Bengals of the AFC East.

Guys who need to be on the field are jeopardizing their NFL careers. All teams have a problem child—it just seems like the Bills are stocking the stable with a problem family.

That’s why it’s ironic when general manager Russ Brandon says they are always looking for the utmost character from this football team.

I honestly don’t believe that these guys have bad intentions; I just question the crowd they hang around with.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone so harmful as an Adam "Pacman" Jones on the team just yet. It would really hurt the team if an impact player turned out to be like him, simply because the Bills are short on impact players to begin with. The Bills have a bunch of decent players, but nobody really seems to take over a game.

You could credit that to the fact that the team is relatively young and they are just now trying to figure out how to perfect their game in the pros, but make no mistake about it: These young players can’t afford to put more adversity on their plates.

The Bills could grow from all this commotion, and it might motivate players to prove the public’s perception of them to be incorrect.

Bills fans have to hope this is how it turns out because another 7-9 season would just prove that the circus is still running strong at One Bills Drive.