The Only Standard: Shelton Benjamin Must Win at Judgment Day To Preserve Feud

AkDSenior Writer IMay 16, 2009

I awoke this morning to check my email. That was followed by visiting to engage in some debates or at least what fans are babbling about. I discovered that SmackDown has added another match to the Judgment Day PPV.

John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin was added for the event.

That match pushes SmackDown's total number of matched at Judgment Day at four compared to RAW's two, but that is another topic for another day. Ever since Shelton Benjamin cost John Morrison his match against Chris Jericho on WWE Superstars, the WWE Universe has been on fire.

The feud has picked up steam following stellar encounters, one of which featured Morrison teaming with CM Punk to take on the former two-time tag team champions Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

The two haven't lost an ounce of chemistry since their World Greatest Tag Team days. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight championship was booked for Judgment Day followed by CM Punk vs. Umaga and Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental title.

The card was now pushed to six matches, but WWE had one more match to add. Benjamin and Morrison have both came along together and are argubly the two most gifted superstars on the WWE roster today.

Morrison had an acumen for gymnastics and Benjamin is a two-time All-American for the state of Minnesota. This may be the first time they bumped heads, but they've done some similar things:

-Feuded with Jeff Harddy for the IC title

-Feuded with the Hardy Boyz teaming with former partners (Morrison teamed with Joey Mercury and Benjamin teamed with Charlie Haas)

-Both were on RAW together, then drafted to ECW together, and now drafted to SmackDown together.

It appeared that WWE was going to leave the match off the Judgment Day card and build the rivalry for the next PPV.

The John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin feud is the hottest rivalry in the WWE right now if you go by the WWE Universe forums.

WWE gave in due to the demand for this feud, thus resulting in the match being made with less than two days left before the PPV. WWE has something special here with these two stars.

The two aren't ready for the main event in certain aspects, but one long diligently planned program could line the two up for a huge 2010. In order for this feud to progress or just be a feud in general, Shelton Benjamin must defeat John Morrison at Judgment Day.

Benjamin's only edge in the feud was costing Morrison his match against Chris Jericho. Morrison has beaten both Benjamin and Haas in singles and tag action. He also knocked Benjamin down after he lost to Rey Mysterio on the latest WWE Superstars.

A loss for Shelton Benjamin at Judgement day would be nonsensical, inexcusable, and just plain idiotic. Many fans are cognizant of Morrison's face push, but faces most overcome adversity, there is none as of yet.

Morrison needs to lose, there must be a sense of doubt not making one man look unbeatable while the other is just getting his butt whooped week after week. I wouldn't be surprised at a Morrison win, but Benjamin has to beat the living daylights out of everyone's new favorite face.

Even that is inexcusable itself. Feuds cannot be lopsided. Jim Ross constantly praises Benjamin, something he doesn't do for much heels. In the performance department, both stars have done a great job and many are impressed with their abilities.

Shelton Benjamin looks like he's on course for an MVP-like losing streak. The last win coming from a money in the bank preview six-man tag match weeks before Wrestlemania. If you count singles wins, the last one comes from the U.S. Title match he had against R-Truth.

John Cena's feud against Edge had adversity and so did Orton and Triple H. Miz and Morrison and the Colons went back and forth—there is none in this feud. It doesn't matter how popular Morrison is, he has to lose and it's that simple.

Benjamin has become more aggressive and Jim Ross and Todd Grisham always seem to remind us of it. There is effort there. His facial expressions are better and his mic work isn't as bad as many believe, but Benjamin does need to use more heel tactics though.

It still might be a bit early in the feud to draw any kind of conclusion, but Benjamin needs a win over Morrison at this point. He could lose and he could viciously attack Morrison, it could be a no contest, but Benjamin winning is the best choice, Morrison is looking too dominant.

No one can't deny that I mark for Shelton Benjamin, but if you followed this feud then concurring with my outlook shouldn't be difficult. My faith in Benjamin has always been strong no matter what the odds and would have him win this match up to further spice up and progress the rivalry.

The ball in is the hands of WWE, hopefully they'll make the right decision Sunday night.

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