The Day I Marked Out for 'Captain Charisma," Christian!

Captain CharismaCorrespondent IMay 16, 2009

Like many of you may have thought back in 2000, I also thought that Christian was just the "other half" of the World Tag Team Champions who was funny backstage and was the less talented member of the E & C tag-team.

I could always foresee that Edge would go onto great things but it seemed to me, back then, that Christian without Edge would be lost in the WWE shuffle.

True, he did win the IC Title from Edge, but who was it that won the following feud? I think you all know that answer.

This all began to change when Christian won the IC Title once more at Judgement Day in a Battle-Royal, eliminating Booker T.

The next night on Raw, I saw the first glimpse that I may be wrong about Christian when he came out in new attire and with a new found "Charisma."

From there on in, I became a fan of Captain Charisma following him through his excellent  partnership and subsequent feud with Chris Jericho including their excellent Heel vs. Heel Intercontinental Title Match-Up.

The day that I did indeed "mark-out" fully for Christian was the day that he came out to New York, addressing his Peeps and Christian Coalition when he was interrupted by a certain Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

During the verbal exchange, the words that Christian said next made me a Peep forever: "I don't mean to brag ,but I would kick Marky Mark's ass and take his WWE Title coz thats how... I... ROLL!" Me, not being the biggest John Cena fan, exploded on hearing this.

Unfortunately, Christian was unsuccessful in winning the WWE Title and was given a de-push by the WWE resulting in him leaving.

He then went to TNA, where he became a true main-event player, winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title on two occasions and generally thrilling his Peeps.

Roll on to December 2008 and by then, it had been over eight months since I had lost interest in the WWE and TNA when I heard a rumour that Christian was coming back to the WWE.

It was then that I started to watch the WWE again to see if this was true and it was for this reason only that I ordered the Royal Rumble, but he didn't appear.

When Christian did make his return on ECW, it wa underwhelming to say the least but his program with Jack Swagger and ECW Title victory has eased the blow.

Hopefully, in the future lies a program with Edge and the fulfillment of Captain Charisma's destiny of becoming World's Heavyweight Champion.

I hope you enjoyed the article, the first of many.

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