Roger Clemens: Mitchell Report, Deposition & Testimony Proves Brian McNamee Lied

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IApril 14, 2008

Washington DC 

 Forcing a Legend Out of the Game.



Roger "The Rocket" Clemens has been defamed by his once trusty trainer, Brian McNamee--who provably lied to fans, Congress, Reporters and to the league about Clemens.

And Clemens has now been forced out of baseball by false accusations made by a drug-dealing rapist who broke the law and was trying to stay out of jail, keep his job title, protect his program of "money-laundering" and maintain a relationship with his family.

Why did he lie? Did he lie? Please, enjoy. 

At what point did Federal Investigators decide to break the stated objective of the Mitchell Report (noted on page 340) and "give a deal" to the drug-dealer & self professed liar, in order to hunt down a player? 

It wasn't until after his first 2 interrogations according to McNamee, when recorded by one of Hardin's Private Investigators. 

At first McNamee denied Clemens involvement to investigators, giving up the others.  But he didn’t get a "dealers'-deal" until he accused Clemens. Why is that? 

Ex Red Sox Legal Consultant, George Mitchell frowns over his Report
Ex Red Sox Legal Consultant, George Mitchell frowns over his ReportMario Tama/Getty Images

The Mitchell Report 's title page falsely reads "An Independent Investigation on Illegal Steroid Use in Baseball."

Independent it was not, rather it was Selig ordered, Baseball enabled and Federally investigated all under the watchful eye of the Boston Red Sox's Legal Consultant and ex-Senatoral Big Whig, George Mitchell--a man of many hats.  

It was NOT a Federal Commission, folks. It was paid for by Selig and the League. In other words, a private investigation. But with Feds?

McNamee testified to Congress under sworn oath to tell the truth, as "1) never being under duress, 2) not coerced 3) never under any pressure" and 4) got "no deals" from Prosecutors. He was ordered by Mitchell "not to minimize, nor exaggerate, but be forthcoming." 

During the continuous interrogations by Federal Investigators, Brian McNamee was indeed "under duress, and under pressure"--so much so that, "it made him sick", and he was hospitalized "due to stress."

Later, McNamee’s attorney would file to dismiss Clemen's defamation suit based on his assertion that he was “coerced by Federal Investigators.”  Hello!!

Emery argued that McNamee "should be protected from his statements as he was operating under 'absolute immunity'--a deal offered him by Federal Investigators."

McNamee and Emery show up for court in DC
McNamee and Emery show up for court in DCBrendan Hoffman/Getty Images

That is verbatim.  Not only does he now admit the deal, but also admits to coercion after testifying to Congress as neither having existed.

The evidence McNamee handed into Congress alone proves McNamee was lying. McNamee said that, “Winstrol is white, not clear; and there is no way around it.”

Take a look at these pictures, and show me the vile with the white liquidWinstrol  is a white liquid--not clear.  Some of McNamee’s vials have dust on them, but inside the container is a clear liquid. 

Guess what else is a clear liquid that has been mentioned in conjunction with Clemens? If you guessed Lidocaine, then you would be right.

The other vials McNamee admitted are brownish red, said to be HGH (which is light red). This is a picture of Yao You Pharmacy’s B-12. Does it look familiar, taking into account that they may have spent seven years in the basement of McNamee’s old house?  Note the bottles.

How has this discrepancy not been reported yet?  

Where is the “Daily Screws” or ESPN on this one? 

The mass media is obviously trying to prolong this scandal to make a heap of money which is biased reporting to say the least. Look at Mike Lupica dance in his seat like a little girl at the Hearing in the Press Room—where I snapped the video camera on him.

Check out the Clemens Hearing’s Neilson Rating. The media is making huge profits and so are their advertisers. ESPN daily slams Clemens and never, ever question the Drug Dealing Rapist.  Who is ESPN’s Business Partner? NBC. Of course their biased against Clemens—who is a friend to the Republican Party and GHW Bush. 

What the Daily News has not told you is:

1.    They were wrong about: Mindy McCready.

2.    They were wrong about Shaun Kelley.

3.    They were wrong about Kelly Blair.

4.    They were wrong about Jeff Bagwell

Each of whom were reported as having first hand knowledge to prove Clemens’ guilt. 

Who cares if they keep getting the story wrong - after all, if you read it enough times, then it has to be true?  Or maybe it’s just that Fluff sells. And so do mass media types—right out to the hand that feeds.

Albeit a dark hand at that.

Brian McNamee stated that Roger Clemens had an abscess (another proven lie) from an injection of steroids that Dr. McNamee "illegally administered."  Afterwards, Dr. McNamee contends that Clemens had quit using steroids as result of the "botched injection." 

HOUSTON - JULY 11:  Jeff Bagwell addresses the media during a press conference as the Houston Astros announced that Bagwell was replacing Sean Berry as hitting coach on July 11, 2010 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Bob Levey/Getty Images

According to McNamee the "botched injection" happened:


            1) Sometime after Canseco's Party (JUNE 8th - 10th, 1998), 

2.) After the Marlins stand (JUNE 8th - 10th, 1998) 

3.) In either the Sky Dome (according to the Mitchell Report),  

          a.)  Or in Tampa Bay Rays' Clubhouse (June 15th-17th, 1998, per McNamee's deposition) per McNamee’s Deposition.

Yes, it’s another lie. One can’t get injured from an injection in TOR and in Tampa simultaneously, right? 

4.) There were 4 to 5 injections by McNamee (according to the Mitchell Report),  

          a.) Or 16 injections (according to McNamee's deposition).

“4 or 5” does not equal “16” unless you’re a drug-dealing liar who has so much respect for life that he rapes at will—proving his selfishness.

WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 13:  Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens (R), Charlie Scheeler, investigator on former Sen. George Mitchell's staff (C) and and former Major League Baseball strength and conditioning coach Brian McNamee (L) raise their right
Pool/Getty Images

 5.) The Blue Jays Trainers knew about "the abscess" of which McNamee claims to have caused while "in a rush."

 6.) After the "injury" Clemens gave him the contraband, told him to get rid of it, and McNamee gave it to Canseco.

            a.)  Clemens quit at this point, according to McNamee in both the Mitchell Report, and his deposition now has varying dates.

1.)      Mitchell Report Date Given - "after Canseco's party in June 1998, OR Deposition Date of early September, 1998.

 Does June all of the sudden equal September? How many lies am I at now?


The allegations are completely false as the time-line, McNamee's own words, an uncontroverted MRI,  Medical and Injury Reports, Trainer and Expert testimony can prove.  

According to Dr. Ron Taylor, The Toronto Blue Jays Chief Physician (also threatened with jail time for knowingly making false official statements to federal investigators)  testified that “Clemens didn’t  have an abscess when he was examined” in July, injected with B-12 in July and the Medical Reports on Clemens in July prove it.

WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 13:  Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens (R), Charlie Scheeler, investigator on former Sen. George Mitchell's staff (C) and and former Major League Baseball strength and conditioning coach Brian McNamee (L) raise their right
Pool/Getty Images

This is one fact among many that was intentionally distorted by the Oversight Committee. Why? Because it is political and that’s what partisan politicians do—they confuse, distort and intentionally cloud the waters. 

Congressmen continuously showed their separate and hidden agendas; as they had Dr. Taylor’s' sworn statement in hand while distorting what was true.

Just like they did to Roger's Nanny, who said the very next day after the hearing, "they lied about what I told them. I was never at (Jose Canseco's) party."

Jose Canseco's party (in Tampa Bay) was between June 8th and June 10th and is where the time-line starts: 

"During the Marlins road trip (June 12)" Brian McNamee implies, "Clemens was huddled with an unknown third party and Canseco at Jose's party 'doing a drug deal." 

He further alleges (in the Mitchell Report) that shortly after returning home (in Toronto—not Tampa) from Canseco's Party he injected Clemens with steroids, who developed an abscess as result (again, in June—not September, as per his depo). 

McNamee said that the Blue Jays trainers knew and that they told him directly

An abscess takes at least 2 weeks to develop (more if a foreign liquid is introduced) and even more time to heal—when properly treated.  If not treated, it could last YEARS.  If treated, it would leave a sizable and deep HOLE in the flesh.

If the "botched shot" happened in mid June, then come July it would have been as clear as Mountain Spring. Especially to a Doctor. 

  •  There is no report in the medical records about an abscess and Clemens does have a record for July 

You know, proof-proof. Each injection, according to the Mitchell Report, was at the Sky Dome.  Dr. McNamee “swore” that he was telling the truth in the Mitchell Report, though as plain as it is that he was “not telling the truth and being forthcoming”—he has yet to be prosecuted for dealing drugs to pro ball players.  

Nor for lying to Congress and Federal Investigators.

He was interviewed between 5 and 8 times to verify his version of events. 

In his deposition, Dr. McNamee changed the Reports credibility, saying that the “botched injection happened in Tampa Bay.”  

Did someone move Toronto, Canada down to Tampa Bay Florida on us, and we just missed it? Damn.

There is no medical report supporting McNamee's June accusation.  And there would indeed be evidence if Dr. McNamee had but one ounce of moral-courage and told the truth; because (again) Clemens has expert testimony and MRI’s from that period of time.  

To the contrary, Medical Reports from June and from July support Clemens versionthat he was taking B-12and the reports totally reject Dr. McNamee’s testimony, that Clemens was suffering a serious tissue infection.

So serious an injury, that the same benched Mickey Mantle in 1961 (after he suffered a “botched injection from other than a medical professional”) while in a home run race with Roger Maris. The stories are so similar, yet McNamee is far from reality.

Clemens and the Blue Jays record from this time frame prove McNamee is full of BS too.

Roger Clemens was so injured from a deep tissue wound that he earned SEVEN wins and ZERO losses from June 12 (Canseco’s party) through August 20th—when he pitched against The Mariner’s Swift; earning a shut-out.  By the way, Swift gave up 7.

On June 30th, Clemens faced the Mets’ Reed (spelled wrong) and gave up a whole 3 runs.  The abscess must have really been some kind of injury, huh? Maybe Dr. McNamee’s brain has the abscess—after all he was hospitalized “due to stress.”

Clemens did NOT miss one game through July and went undefeated.

He was so injured that he performed. How could Clemens have won a Cy Young and pitched with a type injury that benched Mantle—an ox of a man?

McNamee said he "pushed the injection too hard, and it went in too quickly. They had to “hurry as we were in the Tamp Bay (aka--Southern Toronto’s) clubhouse in a snack room." Dr. McNamee is giving specific details for something he is clearly lying about here—he is alluding to June again.

Victor Conte said that “McNamee's statement was inaccurate.  Winstrol is never "pushed too hard", it is a thin liquid. You start to inject it, and then bam. It's in." 

When confronted that “the only injury the trainers knew about" (like he testified to Congress about) was in July, and that it was the result of a B-12 injection administered by Dr. Taylor, and just a mere bruise (not abscess), McNamee then changed the date to early September!

Why not—early September and Mid June are so similar after all; much like Southern Toronto Tampa Bay.

He backs up the now September accusation by saying, "after the injury, Clemens threw the (contraband) into his locker which he then gave to Canseco because he was “comfortable with Jose." 

He supported that Clemens quit after June by saying that Clemens gave the contraband to him while in Roger’s apartment in Toronto’s Sky Dome. 

It’s easily confused—I have a locker in my family room too. Doesn’t everybody?

Canseco denies it and like everyone else, he too would go to jail if he lied.  Each interview the Feds read the same threat of jail time, as made to McNamee (for which so many media-drama queens believe the dirty rapist), for knowingly making false official statements. 

Yet somehow McNamee isn't being investigated for perjury. And society chose to ignore the same threat of jail time given to people who had actual lives—like Doctors—and chose to believe the dirty-one. Why? ESPN told them to, that’s why.

In a recent article, McNamee said "I (am not a Doctor) only treated Clemens at the end of July, beginning of August," and has said that he treated Clemens from 4 to 6 weeks.  July and August is not June or September—right? Did they change that one too?

The Blue Jays were never in Tampa in July, nor in August, nor in early September! 

What is McNamee’s “Lie Count” at now?

Certainly this accusation would rule out JUNE.

We should all change our calendars per McNamee, tear out one month, combine June with July, and rename it "June-Ly." 

If what McNamee said in this article (Jan. 2008) is true, then the Medical Reports dated in July, and August would have shown an abscess; and there are medical reports that go directly to an injury that the trainers knew about that summer, "with still quite a bit of time left in the season," per McNamee on Clemens quit date, in McNamee's' Deposition

"Quite a bit of time left in the season" is not September, which is the detail that he gave to Congress and the date he gave during the deposition.

So, rule out September and tell McNamee that August is not June, nor is it September.  

He backs up his story (again) by telling us that the injection happened while playing Tampa (who knows where—maybe on Planet McNamee)—but Toronto didn’t play Tampa in August either.

What’s the Lie Count now?

Selig, Mitchell and half of Congress still stands by Dirty Rapist Brian McNamee--even after his attorney filed to have the suit dismissed because McNamee was protected by immunity, "a deal offered him by Federal Prosecutors." 

Emery must have forgotten that McNamee SWORE before Congress that there was no deal.

“Mr. McNamee, were you offered a deal by Federal Prosecutors in return for your cooperation?” Answer: “No sir. No deal.”

The Blue Jay’s Trainer, Tommy Craig,  was interviewed twice & was warned that if he lied, he would go to jail (just like Dirty), and each time refutes McNamee’s story, and supports Clemens

When challenged with Craig's testimony in his deposition, McNamee contends that, "It was Craig who diagnosed Clemens with an abscess. I asked him what was up with Roger and he told me that Roger had an abscess. It was after a game and when Tommy was treating Roger.  I never said it was an abscess, Tommy did." 

He gave more detail (after a game, when Tommy was treating roger) to support his lie.  Do you see the pattern yet?

Craig said "the only injury to Clemens that I know of was caused by a B-12 injection."  He remembers the injury.  Tommy Craig is not a doctor, and therefore would never diagnose anything and testified to never saying what McNamee claimed. 

During his first interview Craig did say that McNamee appeared to be "shady, his stories never added up, and there were always holes, so I stayed away from him."  

I say, “dirty”—not shady, because it’s so clear.

Scott Shanahan is the only other trainer.  

He didn't even know about a B-12 bruise.  He swore (under oath) that abscesses are normal for athletes to develop.  In grown hair & clogged sweat glands cause them.  There is no reason to lie about an abscess.   

Page 14, Dr. Ron Taylor interview by Oversight Staff, Dr. Taylor testified:


 Dr. Taylor: "A B-12 injection I would give. I've only given it twice in my career, and once was to Roger Clemens, as you know.

   It was on a home stand in Toronto on July 17 - 22, in that period. They haven't got it documented in the report, as you know. It said it was 7 to 10 days before July 28, 1998.

Investigator:   "Okay. Do you remember giving the shot?"

 Dr. Taylor:  "Yes, I do."


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