Nashville Predators: Stop Whining, Start Playing Better

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After two games in Detroit, the Red Wings are up two games to none over the Nashville Predators. Both games played in Detroit were close games, but in the end the Red Wings came away victorious each time. Why did this happen?

Barry Trotz is blaming the referees.

After game two, Trotz complained about several calls that he felt were wrong, calls that he felt gave the Red Wings the win. He had the same thing to say about calls in game one.

In game one, according to Trotz, the Red Wings were offside just before Zetterberg scored the game winning goal. Upon watching the video, I find no conclusive evidence that he is either right or wrong.

I can tell you that there is a linesman standing right there, though. This linesmen was clearly watching, and with that kind of view its tough to make a bad call. 

In game two Trotz complained about Tomas Holmstrom interfering with Nashville's goalie, Dan Ellis, on the Red Wings' second goal. Holmstrom was clearly out of the crease and standing still. Ellis moved out of his net and into Holmstrom, not seeing the shot blast past him. 

Once again, this is not a bad call.

There was one call that I did find questionable, where Nashville scored as the net was dislodged in the first period. This play was very close, but the referees ruled it no goal.

I personally think this should have been a goal, but I can see the reasoning for not calling it a goal.

Basically, Trotz has blamed Nashville's two losses on these calls instead of blaming it on being outplayed, which is what really happened.

Take a look at game two. In the second and third periods, the Red Wings combined for 27 shots. Over that same time span, Nashville accumulated 12 shots.

On top of that, Dominik Hasek stood on his head for all but about 30 seconds during the game, whereas Dan Ellis gave up rebound after rebound, costing the Predators several goals.

Officiating will always be somewhat unpredictable. In game two, Jordin Tootoo got away with a blatant cross check in the back.

That's just the way it goes.  

The best teams, ones that are worthy of winning the Stanley Cup, don't sit around and complain about calls they thought they should have gotten. 

The best teams get out there and outplay the opponent by putting more shots on the net, not allowing the other team to get shots, and stopping those shots that are taken by the opponent.

Nashville needs to stop whining and start playing.

Besides, Detroit was the only team that had something worth complaining about in game two. Did you see that unlucky bounce off the stanchion? Ridiculous.


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