Why Greg Paulus to Syracuse Is a Great Idea

Matt BenningerContributor IMay 15, 2009

ATLANTA - MARCH 14:  Greg Paulus #3 of the Duke Blue Devils walks upcourt against the Maryland Terrapins during the semifinals of the 2009 ACC Men's Basketball Tournament on March 14, 2009 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

I have read a number of articles why Greg Paulus to Syracuse is either great for my favorite team, or a disaster.


First let’s take a look at the reasons why Paulus to Syracuse could be a bad idea for Syracuse, or at least reasons why people think it may be. I will answer each of them all at the same time with three simple statements.


1)Paulus has not played football in four years.


2)The media will be all about Paulus.


3)Nassib and Loeb will miss valuable time getting reps.


So there are your main reasons why SU evidently should’ve turned Paulus away.


Now lets go over the reasons why it’s not only a good thing, but a great thing.


1)The QB depth chart is scary and even the most optimistic fan can only describe it as weak. Why not take a flier on a kid who might help, and even if he doesn’t help as far as wins on the field, he can still help in other ways. 


What are those other ways?


Well simply put someone is going to be the punching bag in week two when Syracuse goes to Penn State. Nassib taking that beating would not be a learning experience, but a horror movie that will play in his mind before every game he plays for the next four years.


If Paulus can take that beating, and a few of the others that will be handed out behind the weak offensive line, it will be helpful to Nassib as well as Loeb.


2)The positive publicity will be a great thing for the program. The last time ESPN did a special on Syracuse football was after the Akron game. If Paulus and the Orange beat Minnesota they would spend an hour praising Paulus and how the program is turning around. 


Another article on this website complains that Paulus will be the story instead of the team itself. So is Cleveland upset that Lebron gives 10 times as many interviews, and that after every game they talk about him first? 


Even team sports are about individuals. They may win or lose as a team but in the end individuals will decide the outcome of every game and season.


3)He will help with QB recruiting for next season. Having a Senior QB and a bunch of kids who have never played will show recruits, that come spring time the job will be up for grabs. 


The other side of this issue is that a majority of the fans don’t have a realistic picture of the program. 


Most think that next season will be a four to six win season, and that was before they even knew who the quarterback would be. That’s not realistic, at this point the team doesn’t return much talent and going into the season there are only two positions where you can say Syracuse has a player that is above average. 


Those two players are Art Jones and Mike Williams. Sure you can argue that one or two other kids may be average but that is all.


The other issue I have with fans who are upset about Paulus coming in is that they believe Nassib was named the starter and thus became the future of the program. 


That is not what Marrone did when he named Nassib the starter. He said Nassib gave them the best chance to beat Minnesota and that’s it. When you look at the people he beat out the old phrase “winner by default” comes to mind. 


Take a look at his competition.


Andrew Robinson; currently a backup tight end.


David Legree; will compete for the starting job at Hampton in the fall.


Cameron Dantley; A former walk-on with a completion percentage of just over 48% last season with just over 118 yards a game. 


Nassib himself has never thrown a pass and was a lightly recruited quarterback out of PA.