Jeff Hardy: Set to Crash and Burn?

Justin WintersContributor IMarch 31, 2017

Now before you go to the comment section and tell me about how great a wrestler Jeff Hardy is, realize this isn't a hate column and that I'm just writing about personal opinion. And here comes my latest article, lets get this show on the road;

Jeff Hardy is one of the best high-flying wrestlers in the WWE right now and the crowd seems to love him.

But with a shady past that has given him troubles before, is Hardy on a path to destruction? Should Vince keep pushing him even with all the risks that can come with him?

Hardy was a big tag team wrestler in his early days but became a big singles star in the 2000's. Although he was a big name, Hardy was fired from the company and the reasons given were, drug use, no-showing events, showing up late, having bad match quality, and erratic behavior.

Hardy noted that he was "burning out" and asked for his release from the company.

Drugs are not something that a pro wrestler should be doing, as it can lower the quality of his wrestling in a match.

No-showing events is something that wrestlers shouldn't do as it shows the fans that you are disloyal and what else is the WWE about, than the fans?

After taking a break from wrestling, Hardy returned to TNA and was given many shots to succeed although risks were high. Hardy was fired for no-showing events; anybody see a similar pattern happening now?

Even though he had a bad history, Hardy once again returned to the WWE and tried to get his career on the right path.

In 2007, Hardy was suspended for 60 days due to substance abuse even though he was being given a big role in the company.

Hardy lost his spot in the MITB match and his Intercontinental championship and many people thought that the WWE would never give him a chance to be a main event player.

Hardy finally did win the WWE championship in a move that was filled with risks. What would happen if Hardy lost the championship? He would never have a way to defend his championship and would have been a big waste of time and money.

Reports recently have been quoted saying that Hardy wants to leave the company and that he has not signed a new contract yet with the WWE.

Hardy is most likely burnt out and with personal issues happening lately, like his house burning down, Hardy hasn't been having the best chance to succeed.

As I noted earlier, this isn't a hate column on Jeff, just an honest opinion. The fans love him, but do they deserve to put their money on his merchandise only to have to worry about him getting fired from the company because he can't stay away from the substances?

Personally, I don't think the WWE should give Hardy the title as it can prove to be disastrous. The fans love him, but what happens if he gets fired?

He won't be able to return to the company since it would be his third offence and his career would most likely end.

But I want to hear what you guys have to say, should the WWE give Hardy another chance to run with the title? Or are they doing the right thing but keeping the title on somebody else?