A Note to Each Facet of the NBA

Chris GrinsteadCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

28 Sep 2000:  Kevin Garnett of the USA screams during the Mens Basketball Semi-Final against Russia at the Sydney Superdome on Day 13 of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. \ Mandatory Credit: Jamie Squire /Allsport

Nowadays, everyone is out to prove something to somebody. That's the cold hard truth. There is no more playing to bring home a championship for your hometown or for pride in your city and team.

If asked, a player will say that it's all about the team, but how much do you actually buy that crap.

He is really just sucking up to the guy who signs his paycheck, so he can drive his fancy little car and pay the colossal amounts of cash on his new mansion/ summer home.

Every columnist who is saying that an age limit is the answer to making the NBA a better league needs to sit down and study this article, because this is the true underlying reason for the NBA being so lax during the regular season.

The fact that there are 82 regular-season games doesn't exactly decrease that effect at all either. Sure you go out and try to win every game that you can, but with that many games, honestly, you are going to take nights off by playing unfocused.

Now there are many of you out there right now saying that I am wrong and that (fill in the blank) plays for the pride. I commend them for that, as they are on a list that isn't very long.

The picture above of KG yelling is not because he is proud of what he has done for his team, but rather an attention-attracting cry for acknowledgement of the play he just made.

What I am trying to say is this:


To the GM's of the NBA: Stop enticing people with millions of dollars to uproot again and come win you a championship. Do it in the draft and by spending that money to improve the players that you already have. They need your attention as is quite obvious when you watch them on the court.


To the Coaches of the NBA: Don't take any crap from the players. You are in charge and you need to lay down the law. Also, teach these guys fundamentals again. They need it.

They can do the flashy stuff but they can miss a wide open layup too. Work on their free-throw shooting as well as the league has shown a progressively worse showing of free-throw shooting.


To the Players of the NBA: We know that you are there. We know that you want attention, etc. Play the game the right way and you will win games. That's how you get attention the right way. Instead of trying to team-hop to win a title, how about making the team around you better to win a title.

And stop with the flashy stuff until you are at least 95 percent efficient at making layups and free throws.  Also, win one for the people who raised you. Without your hometown you are and always will be a nothing.


To the Fans of the NBA: Don't support the childish antics of these guys by cheering when they act like buffoons out on the hardwood. That would be the correct time to boo a player, not when they fail to hit a shot to put you over 100 points in a blowout game.

Also, keep in mind that as much magnitude as the playoffs may carry, it is still just a game.