Sorry, '85 Team Nostalgia Not Applicable for This Bears Fan

Devin BurksContributor IMay 15, 2009

In Chicago, some might say it is blasphemous or even heresy to say anything against the '85 Bears. Well, tear your shirt, put on your sackcloth, and rub dirt on your head because I am going there.

I know in retrospect that the 85 teams is the best thing that happened to football since George Halas. I cannot share in the exuberance, due to the fact I was a mere toddler. So what I am to do, if the” Best Team Ever” is not an option, what other team could suffice.

Maybe I can go with the '95 Dave Wannstedt team, they had excitement an ultra back and speedy receivers and acrobats. Nah the team accomplished nothing just temporary success. Whew, I got it how about '01 Dick Jauron Bears, who finished 13-3 had some magical Mike Brown moments, the hail Virginia McCaskey play, and other miracles signs and wonder propel them to the playoffs.

This team seems like it would be a favorite in the race for a favorite team. It is just something missing, like that beautiful girl with no personality. There is something there but nothing is there. So where do I go from here.

The '05 Bears, this has to be a favorite but is it the favorite. Well, you have the Mike Brown inspired winning streak, you have a rookie Kyle Orton, you have stellar defensive play, and the resurrection of Grossman. I feel it, I think this might be. No! This will not suffice either! Solely because of the early exit on a deep pass to Steve Smith cannot be a fave in the laurels of my mind.

Where do I go from here? To the pass Ditka’s last run, well I am 80’s baby or u can say I was a baby in the '80s. Teams from the '80s bare no fruit with me. I guess it’s the 2006 National Football Conference champion Chicago Bears. By George Halas, I think I go it!

First, they had an outstanding defense and they had the miracle in the desert. They had miracle Mike Brown moments, they flashed aspects of passing offense, and moments of grace.

Yes! This has to be my Favorite team of all time! Wait a minute! I am missing something. Let me back track, I said NFC champions! Not NFL Champions, this cannot be. Why should my favorite team be a second place finisher, especially when the '85 team is the “Best Team Ever".

This is depressing I wish I would never wrote this piece, it’s horrible to have missed out on the Phenomenal, Astronomical, Iconic, and purely Superior over all others in every way possible, and “Best Team Ever” 85 NFL Chicago Bears.

Then I would have to live with we almost did it, we could have been some bodies, almost heroes (great band), legends of the fall '06 Chicago Bears. Well guess I do not have a fave Bears team. That Sucks!

Wait, what is that on the horizon? Is that is that, Jay Cutler, Devin Hester and his equally fast jack ass Johnny Knox-vile(had to do it ) Counterpart. Followed by a monster of a Man that can jump out of a pool, (an athletic legend of mammoth proportion Ala fridge Perry) truly this could be something epic, a legend in the making, a favorite, or in the end the ultimate likable disappointment.