Could Pisa Tinoisamoa Be the Missing Piece at SLB for the Buffalo Bills?

Michael McMastersCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 27:  Interim head coach Joe Vitt of the St. Louis Rams talks with Pisa Tinoisamoa #50 during play against the Houston Texans on November 27, 2005 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.  The Rams defeated the Texans 33-27 in overtime. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

With Angelo Crowell off to warm weather and a rebuilding Tampa team, the Bills are in dire need of a linebacker to step up and take his place.  So far the front runner for the spot is Keith Ellison.

There are a couple of guys who will compete against him in Alvin Bowen and newly drafted Nic Harris, but if they can’t put Ellison on the bench, there will be some serious problems, especially when Ellison is on the field playing the run.

The Bills recognized that fact, which is the reason why they are pursuing Pisa Tinoisamoa now. If the Bills are serious about a play-off push they have to get guys that have played the game at the pro level and have played it well.

Last year playing for St. Louis on a defense that wasn’t to stellar Tinoisamoa racked up 104 total tackles, three sacks, and two forced fumbles.  For a guy who usually plays at 220 pounds those numbers are actually pretty good.

Tinoisamoa also has the benefit of knowing some of the staff.  Just like last year when the Bills pursued Marcus Stroud, because there was some familiarity between Dick Jauron and Stroud, Fewell was a part of St. Louis’ staff when Tinoisamoa was drafted.

Tinoisamoa doesn’t exactly have to dominate in games, he just has to make sure tackles and not be dragged 10 yards down the field like Ellison.

The biggest benefit of bringing Tinoisamoa in is that it would give the Bills more time to develop guys like Alvin Bowen and Nic Harris. 

Although they show potential, throwing both a former fourth-round pick and a rookie fifth into the fire would not be smart, not when your team is in "win now" mode anyway.

The last time the Bills had a solid linebacker trio was when Fletcher, Spikes and Posey were playing ball for them in 2004.  This is actually the last time the Bills had a winning record as well. Can Tinoisamoa round out the group the Bills have now?

It is possible.  Kawika Mitchell proved to be a solid addition last year as he racked up 82 total tackles, four sacks, two interceptions, and two forced fumbles.

Paul Posluszny in his first full year of starting; he finished the season with 110 tackles, one interception and a forced fumble.

If Tinoisamoa could match his numbers from last year on the Bills squad there would be little doubt that the Bills linebacker squad would be a good one.

Now all it is going to take is a contract.  The Bills should be offering a contract that is close to Mitchell’s deal last year. He signed for five years, $17.5 million.  Getting Tinoisomoa around that range would be a great signing for both sides.

The only question for Tinoisomoa should be, where do I sign?