Georgia Fan Cries on the Radio, Wants Mark Richt to Be Fired

Brian LeighFeatured ColumnistSeptember 2, 2013

Georgia players left Memorial Stadium with their heads held high after losing to No. 8 Clemson on Saturday, knowing that there's still a lot of season left to play and that a huge game with No. 6 South Carolina looms in Week 2.

The same cannot be said of their fans...or at least one in particular.

Calling into 92.9 TheGame in Atlanta (per the user who uploaded the video), a passionate UGA fan—a self-proclaimed lover of the 'Dawgs—let his grief be known, breaking down and crying on live air during a plea for head coach Mark Richt to be fired:

After the caller says Richt has to go (three times for rhetorical effect), the host asks a very apt follow-up question: Who would Georgia replace him with? The inquiry leaves him in stunned silence.

After a few seconds of dead air, the caller comes back with a teary non-answer, "...we just gotta get rid of him, man." And from there, his borderline tears evolve into full-fledged sobs.

The host laughs as the caller laments a lost season, chuckling as he questions how the team will look against the Gamecocks, which would all seem kind of mean, if not completely justified.

How else do you respond to that display?

This woebegone caller, for what it's worth, is not the only SEC football fan who struggled to accept Saturday's result.

One YouTube user went small-scale-viral with his rant (slightly NSFW) about Georgia players getting food poisoning, claiming that the NCAA was in "an emergency meeting" to discuss whether Clemson's win should be vacated.

Still waiting to hear back on his super-secret sources.