WWE Night of Champions 2013: Talented Stars Who Won't Get Proper Spotlight

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2013

WWE Night of Champions 2013: Talented Stars Who Won't Get Proper Spotlight

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    While Night of Champions is supposed to be the pay-per-view where the top wrestlers in the company are given their time to shine, there are many talented people that will not be so lucky this year.

    In fact, there are several wrestlers that won't even have the chance to showcase their talent in front of the thousands in attendance, let alone be made a focal point.

    For one reason or another, the following people have been shafted when it comes to this year's event and are unjustly taking a step back in their careers rather than a step into the spotlight.

Kofi Kingston

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    If you looked at the poster for Night of Champions, you would assume that Kofi Kingston is to be featured prominently, if not be the star of the event.

    Your assumption would be wrong.

    Not only is Kingston not a champion heading into the event, nor is he challenging for a title, he isn't even booked in a proper feud to get a generic non-title singles match.

    Since Kingston's return to the active roster, WWE has done absolutely nothing with him.

    He has had no vengeance against Ryback for putting him on the sidelines or expressed interest in challenging Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship that was taken from him.

    Kingston may not be the person that WWE trusts to carry the company into the next era, but he's proven himself better than being an afterthought.

Damien Sandow

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    There seems to be a trend in WWE where the winner of the Money in the Bank briefcase is destined to lose afterward and be given an anti-push, so to speak.

    After his victory at the Money in the Bank event, Damien Sandow has fallen victim to this curse.

    Losing to Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam seemed to be a way to continue their storyline, but suffering another loss on the following Raw to Rhodes only for the feud to be dropped did nothing but harm Sandow.

    The subsequent matches that Sandow has lost are hurting him even more, particularly because he has nothing positive going for him at the moment in the win column.

    While Rhodes has a legitimate reason for being left off the card due to his upcoming wedding, it's WWE's responsibility to plan ahead for that and give Sandow something important to do.

    Sandow's been pushed down the hierarchy and left to survive on scraps.

    When you add to this that he will more than likely be left off the Night of Champions card entirely, it is a sad situation for someone who is supposed to be in the midst of being built up toward a world title reign in the future.

    Then again, when you see how little the championships are being focused on while going into Night of Champions, you can theorize that the Money in the Bank title win in the future means as little to WWE as the titles themselves do.

Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett was once looked at as a potential big player in the future main event scene in WWE, but you would never think of it now with the way WWE has booked him over the past year.

    Perhaps Barrett did something to put him in the doghouse with the powers that be in WWE. Perhaps those in charge are just considering other people as bigger fish to fry.

    Whatever the reason, Barrett has been overlooked to gross proportions and is yet another talented Superstar that will be left off the card.

    When you look back at his time as the leader of the Nexus, all signs pointed to Barrett being a top star by Night of Champions 2013.

    Instead, Barrett's highlight over the past month has been losing both matches and even his beard to Daniel Bryan.

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen—and how the mighty deserve to get back up.

Big E Langston

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    At one point, big things were in store for Big E Langston, but those plans appear to have been pushed aside for the time being.

    In fact, according to FWOnline (via WrestlingInc.com), possible plans could have included Langston facing off against Mark Henry to showcase his strengths.

    Now, Langston is coming off a loss to Dolph Ziggler with no momentum on his side and no real wins to make up for it.

    The chances that Langston will get a match on the card go steadily down with each episode of Raw that he doesn't appear as a focal point on.

    By now, it's pretty much a guarantee that Langston is going to have to wait until at least Battleground before things pick back up, if not longer.

The Miz

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    Despite being a former WWE champion, The Miz is currently struggling to find a spot on the Night of Champions card, let alone being in title contention.

    This year has not been a good one for Miz when it comes to pay-per-views, having been relegated to being a host or wrestling on the pre-show on several occasions. 

    Even on television, The Miz has hosted MizTV or been positioned in a filler spot with feuds that aren't exactly making waves.

    He seemed to be positioned for another filler match against Fandango, but with their recent encounters on Raw, WWE may have already done that enough times to keep it off the card.

    SummerSlam may have been a stacked card where Miz was best served as a host, but Night of Champions is nowhere near that level at the moment.

    For Miz to be kept off this card would be a shame, especially for someone that WWE should consider to be a valuable resource.


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    WWE's resident bully sure can't catch a break when it comes to pay-per-views, can he?

    It should be no surprise for Ryback to not get a decent showing at this event, considering his track record.

    If there is anyone in recent WWE history that has had a worse run for pay-per-views than The Miz, it's Ryback, who has continually lost and now isn't even wrestling on them.

    Sure, he might end up having a backstage segment, but that doesn't exactly put him in the spotlight, does it?

    He was once an unstoppable beast, but now he can't even start to get the ball rolling.

    Ryback may not be the most talented in-ring performer on the roster or the best talker, but WWE has put enough stock into him that he should be utilized in at least some capacity.

    There's only so many times that you can push someone aside before they become completely irrelevant, and Ryback is nearing closer and closer to that level as time goes on.


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    Christian was booked so well against Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam, making it that much more disappointing to see him be rendered utterly worthless in the build toward Night of Champions.

    Even if he were to step out of the main event scene, he should still be involved in something worthwhile for the event.

    Rob Van Dam has taken his place in the feud with Del Rio, so Christian is in need of a new wrestler to feud with, but WWE has not set him up with anyone yet.

    The former World Heavyweight champion simply must not be a priority to WWE, since it appears as though Creative is unable to focus on more than Daniel Bryan and the Triple H storyline.

    It's a shame that so many wrestlers are being neglected, particularly since some big names like Sheamus and John Cena are away.

    This would be the perfect time for those other stars that don't get that spotlight to step things up and make a name for themselves, but they aren't being given the chance.

    All of these unfortunate circumstances will be made even worse if WWE books itself into a corner and has to panic to throw matches onto the event at the last minute, as that does nothing but harm both the pay-per-view and its participants.

    Who else do you think will be unfortunately overlooked at Night of Champions? Leave us your thoughts below in the comments!

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