Which DC Team Is Closer To A Championship?

Roberto MejiaContributor IMay 15, 2009

Every DC fan was crushed Wednesday night, May 14.

The Capitals got embarrassed on their home field losing 6-2 to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference Semi-finals. 

"This is the year" I continually heard in the streets of Metropolitan area.

Obviously it wasn't and once again, a DC team fell short.

The Washington Capitals seemed to be the closest team to reach a championship in the city since DC United winning a championship in 2004.

Were the Capitals the closest team to win a championship? Maybe, but lets look at all the DC professional teams.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins ended the season 8-8 after starting 6-2.

The Redskins have not won a championship since 1991.

They have a real solid defense, that includes newly signed defensive tackle Albert Hanynesworth and first round pick Brian Orakpo.

The struggles are on offense. The organization has tried hard this off season to find the franchise quarterback.

They tried to trade for Jay Cutler and sign Sanchez in the draft, but were not successful.

If the Redskins fix their problems on offense, then they will be able to compete in the tough NFC east.

DC United

DC United was actually the last team to win a championship in the city of DC.

2008 was not the best season for United.

They ended with a record of 11-4-15, missing the MLS playoffs.

They are currently leading the Eastern conference with 14 points.

DC has a talented team leaded by veterans like Moreno, Quaranta, Christian Gomez, and Luciano Emilio.

If DC continues with the success they have currently, then they could be on track of picking up their title since 2004.

Washington Wizards

This team could probably one of the biggest disappointment of the 2008-2009 season.

At the same time, you can't blame the team, but the injuries that occur during the season.

All star Gilbert Arenas was no where to be seen during the season, center Brandon Haywood was also battling injuries.

They ended the season with a record of 19-63 and also fired head coach Eddie Jordan in the beginning of the season.

The only positive about this past season is that the team will receive an early draft pick.

The Wizards have signed Flip Saunders as the new head coach of the team.

When this team is healthy, they could easily be a top NBA team.

Washington Nationals

The Nationals, officially became the Nationals in 2005.

Since then, their winning percentage had gradually decreased.

Last season they ended with a record of 29-102.

This year does not seem as different. There record as of right now is 11-21 and are last in the National League east standings.

With their winning record seeing no improvement, it is hard to say when they will actually reach the post season.


Hopes and dreams were crushed when the Capitals lost Game 7 the other night. The next DC contenders can easily be DC United this year and the Capitals and Wizards next year. The Redskins are a good choice, but need to work out on their offense, especially with a NFC East division that have really good defenses.