Wanna Go For a Ride? Welcome to The Amusement Park of The Phila Eagles.

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Wanna Go For a Ride? Welcome to The Amusement Park of The Phila Eagles.
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Philadelphia is often called the "city of brotherly love." We're "brotherly" alright- if we have a winning sports record, that is. Nevertheless, the Philadelphia Eagles have had their share of ups and downs. Philadelphians have stuck by the birds no matter what. It's a given that you should be a fan of your "home team."

However, as an adult, I began to truly understand this love/hate relationship. The Eagles would find luck towards the end of the season, but would never get to the promised land. So we grunt to our neighbors at the end of it all, BUT we ALWAYS look
forward to next year.

The "amusement park" is open in December, and we pick the main attraction.
Some of us enjoy the roller-coaster ride and some of us hate it. One thing is for certain, we're going for the ride. That sweet thrill with the combination of the GREAT talent of the birds is what made me a lifelong fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Talent? We have talent. Donovan McNabb is undeniably one of the greatest prime time quarterbacks of the last decade. In 2004, he led us to our first Superbowl appearance since 1980 (before I crash landed on this earth.) He places third in the highest winning percentage among active starting quarterbacks. An elite group that features: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. That speaks for itself.

I could sit and speak about every player on the roster and all of their career stats; however, let's switch gears.

I want to speak about the heart and soul of this team. I can say that the name "Brian" has correlation to the definition of heart. I am sad to say that one of these players are no longer with the team. That doesn't mean his "heart" has left the locker room.

Brian Dawkins and Brian Westbrook- these men kept Chickie and Pete's
open for business; they gave FOX the highest ratings in the Fall; they gave us a show, whether they were technically injured or not. They gave nothing less than 100% day in and day out. The locker room follows suit with their willingness to win.

Talk about goosebumps. While watching them, I am frozen on my living room couch. Oh, someone's at the door? Oh, someone's on the phone? Forget about it!

How can I not be a fan?!?! How can I not buy my ticket every year for the amusement park? How can I not go for the ride? One day we will reach the peak, and I want a front row seat for it all.

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