The Nickel: Peep Show Returns, Benjamin vs. Mysterio, Show vs. Goldust

AkDSenior Writer IMay 14, 2009

New Hart Foundation

Tyson Kidd faced off with Finlay in a solid match. Tyson applies some pretty good submissions and applied them well. Finlay would overcome Kidd's explosive offense and beat him on his way to victory.

Finlay had the Celtic Cross all ready for Kidd, but DH Smith interfered and gave Finlay a big boot. He started an assault on the Irish man and things got worse when Tyson Kidd finally came around and started pounding him with his own shillelagh.

Smith threw him into the steel steps and Kidd hit him with a flying clothesline back in the ring when Smith was holding him in the air (The Hart Attack).

Natalya came out as well after being banned from ringside and raised Smith and Kidd's hands as they celebrated and left a destroyed Finlay in the ring.

DH Smith is pretty huge, huh? I didn't know he was that big. The new foundation has planted their foundation on ECW, let's see where the land of extreme leads them.



Mark Henry vs. Tommy Dreamer

Is Dreamer ever going to win again? I was really tempted to change the channel, but toughed it out..for nothing. Dreamer hit his usual moves like the ECW dropkick from the turnbuckle and his DDT.

Henry got one leg on the rope and he ended up winning the match with the world's strongest slam. June needs to come already; something has to be done with Dreamer.



Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio

A great match overall. Benjamin and Mysterio went at it for over 10 minutes with lightning quick counters and critical moves. Mysterio won the match with the 6-1-9 followed by the splash off the top rope in the process.

Rey gets the win and walks off while Morrison enjoyed seeing the gold standard lose. Benjamin looked at Morrison with one hell of a confused face and Morrison called him out.

Benjamin struck first, but Morrison countered and gave him a right hand of his own knocking Benjamin down to the ground. The way this feud is looks like a one way street.



Peep Show

Christian/Swagger has run its course. Christian isn't that entertaining to me, but may think so. Swagger exchanged words with Christian and he was hit with the ECW title and rolled out of the ring. Swagger retreated, the end.



Everything Else

-Zack Ryder is a lot more popular than many think. 

"Woo woo woo, you know it" is popping up more often, as many are optimistic with his new gimmick.

-Big Show vs. Hornswoggle was horrible, it was probably just to get Woggle some tv time. Goldust (He's still around?!) came to his aid and brawled with the Big Show.

-Christian def. Mark Henry. Decent.