Unicycle Football Is a Thing, a Very Magical and Wondrous Thing

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Football? Check. Flags? Check. Referee wearing an umbrella on his head? Check. Unicycles? Bro, you forgot to bring the unicycles?

The return of football season means that a great many bros and bro-ettes will get a hankering to play some flag football with the crew. Well, you aren't playing true street football and are simply not correct if you don't bring the unicycles. 

Devour spotted a video over on Reddit so wonderful and awesome that I wish it were a person so I could hug it. 

I'm sure many of you have questions after watching this. Chief among them has to be how one goes about entering a league of gentlemen such as these. 

Well, I come bearing nothing but quandaries and excitement. Thankfully, Unicycle Football has a website to sate every last question we might have, including how to play this magical game

As you can see by their rules, there are some things left open to conjecture:

THIS IS FLACKLE FOOTBALL! A person with the ball may be tackled by removing their flags during play. A player may also be tackled by a technique referred too as, “the least amount of force required to cause the ball handler to dismount their unicycle.” This definitions implies a “sliding scale of force” may be used to dismount a ball handler on a need too basis only.

That's far too much thinking for my feeble brain. I just need to know when and where, and also how to ride a unicycle with the swag of a man who doesn't take himself too seriously. 

We also need to know if referees are mandated to wear the freshest in head gear, or if that's a personal preference for this guy.  

It seems this league takes place in Texas, which makes sense, since they sure love their football down there. They love the sport so much they needed to take it to the streets, on unicycles, with flackling

There's a "Get Tim Tebow a unicycle!" joke in there somewhere, I'm just too giddy to make it. 

Hit me up on Twitter, I'll be learning how to uni

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