The Race for 8th: Nuggets, Warriors Battle it Out

Joe WillettSenior Writer IApril 13, 2008

The Nuggets and Warriors are tied for the eighth spot in the crowded Western Conference.

So why should each team make the playoffs, and who is going to make the playoffs?


Why the Nuggets should make the playoffs

They have Allen Iverson. They have Carmelo Anthony. They have Marcus Camby. They are set with their own dangerous trio.

They also own the tie-breaker over the Warriors, so just in case neither team can show that they truly are better than the other, the Nuggets get the spot by default.

After a tough game tonight against Houston, although still winnable, they have a cake game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

They would be tough in the playoffs, but they will also have to face one of the main MVP contenders, and will probably be a first round knock-out.


Why the Warriors should make the playoffs

The Warriors basically have the same schedule that the Nuggets have. They have a tough-but-winnable game against the Suns, then a cake game against the Seattle Supersonics.

They have Baron Davis, who is a complete beast. (Andre Kirilenko knows about that)  They also have Monte Ellis and Al Harrington who give them other options besides Davis.

If they make the playoffs, they are going to be tough, but if the Hornets win first place, they match up very well and could make a first round upset like they did last season.

Davis might just be physical enough to slow down Chris Paul, and Monte Ellis is versatile enough to cause problems for Tyson Chandler.


My Pick

The Nuggets. They will probably have the same record as the Warriors and since they hold the tiebreaker, they sit in the drivers seat and get to make the decision as to whether they make it or don't.

But I do think that if the Warriors make the playoffs, they will have a better chance to make some noise once they get there. 

Leave comments below to let me know who you think is going to take the eighth spot in the West.

I'm Joe W.