Caddy Shack 3: Jim Balsillie Wants in the Club

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Caddy Shack 3: Jim Balsillie Wants in the Club
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Everyone remembers the fantastic golf movie Caddyshack II where Jackie Mason was playing the very enthusiastic, blue collar and self made millionaire Jack Artounian.

Mr. Artounian wanted to get into the private golf club of Bushwood even if he was totally different than every other member of that private club.

Doesn't it sound like something happening with the Phoenix Coyotes?

What if Jack Artounian was Jim Balsillie?

What if the evil Chandler Young was Gary Bettman?

Mr. Artounian tried to get into the private golf club following rules and applying the proper way, but to no avail. The club members decided that he was not Bushwoods material.

A little like what the NHL has been telling Balsillie.

So good old Jack found a way to get in the club using a tactic that would get him in the club.

So will "Chandler" Bettman keep Jim Balsillie out of his private club?

We shall find out soon enough.

In the mean time, Jim Balsillie went to meet the editorial staff of the Toronto Star today, basically providing a very long answer as to why he wants to buy the Phoenix Coyotes using his current tactics.

I invite you to go look at the video of the Toronto Star. Below is a link to the video answer of Balsillie:

After watching this video it is clear to me that Mr. Balsillie is a man focused and a man who is very confident that the Phoenix coyote will be playing in Hamilton sooner or later.

What do I think of that?  I know it is not much fun for Phoenix Coyotes fans to read this but I believe that this man will bring this team to Canada.

Yes, he is brash and outspoken, just like Jack Artounian, but Jim Balsillie is a man with a dream, and he wants it to be real.

Will Caddyshack III have a happy ending for the hard working self-made billionaire Jim Balsillie?

Stay tuned to find out.


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