Lebron/Kobe vs. Lebron/Melo—What do YOU want to see?

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IMay 14, 2009

With the conference finals about to be set, most of the sports world is assuming a clash between Kobe and the Lakers vs. LeBron and the Cavs in the NBA finals. This seems to be the epic match-up between the two best players in the league. No one can debate the fact that his would be a great finals match up. Kobe going for his first ring without Shaq, and LeBron going for—well—his first ring.
Kobe is going to be 31 this year and has 12 years under his belt. His prime may last 2-3 more years at most at which point LeBron will be reaching HIS prime. The dream match up of Kobe vs. LeBron is more of a short term rivalry while LeBron is going to need a rival for the rest of his career which may be upwards of 10 more years.
I would definitely enjoy the Kobe vs. LeBron match up, however no one is really paying attention to another possible match up, which may be more likely then some think.
Melo vs. LeBron. Matching up the two highest profile players from the 2003 draft, and possibly setting up a career long rivalry.
Denver has been playing great basketball during the playoffs and seem to be the perfect team to challenge the Lakers with their solid front line and great point guard play by Chauncey Billups.
Chauncey who was the third overall pick out of Colorado in the 1997 draft seems to have new life playing in his home town again. His stats for this year have remained consistent to his career stats, if not even better.
If he can keep this up for a few more years, we can see Melo vs. LeBron match up multiple times and can have our modern day Magic vs. Bird match up.