Terrelle Pryor: College Football's Superman

Kyle StrittholtCorrespondent IMay 14, 2009

Tim Tebow has been amazing since his freshman year at Florida. He is arguably the strongest quarterback in college football. He can score with his arm as well as his legs, and has led his team in winning the 2009 National Title.

Winning the 2008 Heisman Trophy is just a highlight of what this kid has done. Because of this, he's been labeled the “Superman” of college football.

Is he really the most electrifying player of college football anymore?

Terrelle Pryor has me thinking that there’s a new Superman of college football.

There is no comparing Pryor and Tebow, because they are two different players, but I have many reason’s to believe that Terrelle Pryor will be the most exciting man to watch in 2009.

Tim Tebow will no doubt have a spectacular year, but with the NFL coming the next season he’s going to have to do a lot more with his arm and limited action with his legs. Don’t get me wrong. He will run, but I don’t think you’ll be seeing the 20 touchdowns he had in his Heisman year.

Pryor, on the other hand, will be the heart and soul of his team. He will need to make something happen on every play, either with his legs or with his arm.

He will have more freedom to make plays than Tebow and will become a nightmare for opposing defenses.

When you look at Pryor last year, he was good for a freshman, but still made the simple mistakes. You would be a fool to think a perfectionist like Pryor will make any rookie mistakes this season.

That simple fact makes it almost impossible to get ready for Pryor this season, because the film you watch is over a kid that is afraid of making mistakes.

I expect him to come into this season with his ears pinned back and his chest held high. I think we’ll see him decide quickly if he wants to throw or run.

When Tebow was his most dangerous statistically, with the 20 rushing and passing touchdowns, he was a sophomore. No one knew how to plan for him because there was limited film on him. Also, he was “the guy” so you expected the offense to be built around him.

This year I think you will see all different kinds of formations that are meant for Pryor’s comfort. This is his team now. It isn’t Beanie Wells’ anymore.

Now, when you look at him as a player, you can’t compare him to Vince Young or Troy Smith because he is Terrelle Pryor.

He has big arm strength and delivers the ball accurately.

He doesn’t have just one player to throw it to. Pryor spreads the ball around, as seen in the spring game. He has great leadership skills for a young player and is single-handedly a game breaker.

But those are just his skills as a quarterback. As an athlete, however, he’s one of the most gifted players seen in a while.

His 6’6" frame may look like he’s running in slow motion, but his long strides clocked him running a 4.4.

Tebow runs like a bull dozer, but so does Pryor. There are plays where he's knocked tacklers on their backs going out of bounds.

All this sounds like Vince Young, but I think Pryor will be better than that. I think he will win a Heisman (if not two) and at least one National Championship.

If the Buckeyes' young defense steps up for them as they did in the 2006 championship run, I think Ohio State will be nearly unbeatable.

There has been great athletes that have came through Columbus the past couple seasons. First it was Troy Smith, then Beanie Wells, now it is Terrelle Pryor. He looks like the most promising of the three.

He isn’t a great talent.

He’s a spectacular talent, and I see him being unstoppable...just like Superman.