Affliction President Tom Atencio Calls Out Dana White to a Boxing Match

Dave MilzContributor IMay 14, 2009

Getting sick and tired of being the butt of most of Dana White's jokes, who mind you willfully bashes anything and everything that is not related to the UFC, Affliction President Tom Atencio has issued a very interesting challenge to the UFC President—a boxing match. While the two used to be good friends a few years back, that all changed when Atencio decided to try his hand at the fight-promotion business, by branching out his clothing company Affliction into the world of MMA fights.

While the events have been very entertaining, as well as critical successes, profits are a mystery to the curious public, as Atencio won't comment on whether or not he has made any actual money.

Only time will tell if Affliction can remain afloat in the business of MMA promotion, but no one can fault him for trying to do everything he can to stir the pot. In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, Atencio expressed a challenge to former professional boxer and current UFC President Dana White, while answering a question about current Affliction fighter and former UFC fighter (and champion) Tito Ortiz:

“Not in a million years,” Atencio said. “That whole Tito thing was never going to happen. I’d love to fight Dana. I’m not a former world champion with a huge record like Tito. I’m a guy who is on par with him. I like to fight and he says he does, so I’d love to fight him.” 

Atencio, of course, referencing the much-hyped and supposedly planned boxing match between ex-manager and former friend Dana White and Tito Ortiz that aired on Spike TV back in 2007. Tito Ortiz of course didn't show up, and why would he? He had nothing to lose, and Dana White was making an effort to make Ortiz look bad, kind of like Atencio is trying to do to White here.

Will the fight ever happen? No, of course not. Dana White would have nothing to gain, and Tom Atencio would have nothing to lose. Was it a low risk/high reward attempt to create a more advanced rivalry between the two organizations? Most likely. One thing it does is make things more interesting down the line.

With Affliction's third event reportedly set to take place the same day as UFC's landmark 100th event, it will definitely make things more interesting up to that point. And it makes for some interesting banter between then and now as well.

Stay tuned.