Brandon Vera Believes If TRT Is Good for One Fighter, It Should Be Good for All

Damon MartinContributor IAugust 28, 2013

The subject of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) continues to be a hot-button subject in MMA, and Brandon Vera has been hit with the questions a lot lately, as he heads into his next fight at UFC 164.

It's not because Vera has sought out the controversial treatment, but because his next opponent Ben Rothwell was approved to use TRT heading into their matchup.

Vera doesn't sound like he's much of a fan of TRT for his own personal use, but he understands why some fighters might want to use it.

The problem Vera has with TRT is that it's giving an advantage to some fighters, while others may be suffering through a training camp with naturally low testosterone because that just happens when a fighter is working out and preparing for a bout.

"I think the whole thing with TRT, I understand it, but if it's good for one, it should be good for all," Vera said. "I don’t know how that scaling goes or what the testosterone level is and stuff. I know my testosterone level during one camp was at 250 (nanograms per deciliter), but I think you eat up all your testosterone during camp if you're training two or three times a day."

While the normal range for testosterone in men is supposed to stay above 300, Vera says his levels dropped below that during a camp, and he's not suffering from any kind of medical ailment.

At the end of the day, however, Vera isn't going to make any excuses for or against Rothwell using TRT. He just wants to fight, and leave the TRT discussions up to the state athletic commissions.

"I'm not making the rules," Vera said. "That's some political bulls—t."

Check out the entire interview with Vera as he addresses the TRT discussion as well as his decision to return to the heavyweight division after spending five years as a light heavyweight.