Harrison Barnes Rewards Fan with Jersey in Exchange for Dave Chappelle DVD

Grant Hughes@@gt_hughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistAugust 28, 2013

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

Apparently, Harrison Barnes is a Dave Chappelle fan.

On Aug. 27, the Golden State Warriors' second-year forward used his Facebook page to organize a series of scavenger hunts. He gave out location hints to his subscribers, and the first fan to arrive at the secret spot walked away with an authentic Barnes jersey.

Not a bad idea, right?

Well, one of the giveaways turned out to be more of a trade. Barnes posted on his page:

I am a huge comedy fan. I especially like live stand-up comedy. One of my first shows ever was seeing my favorite comic Dave Chappelle in San Francisco. Well, another favorite comic of mine is playing at a well-known San Francisco comedy club. He’s from Boston and is co-headlining a sold out show tonight. If you can figure out who he is I’m sure you can find this club. 

There is also a challenge to go with this one. I lost my copy of Chappelle Season 1 when I moved to the bay. I haven’t been able to watch it since. If you bring me a copy I can keep, give it to my friend who’s waiting in the stand-by line. If you get to him first he’ll give you my jersey.

The lucky fan did some research, arrived at the correct comedy club in San Francisco and was stunned to find Barnes—and not one of the swingman's friends—standing in line. The DVD-for-jersey exchange went off without a hitch.

Another interesting tidbit here: Barnes' love of Dave Chappelle isn't a one-way thing. Chappelle is also a huge Warriors fan.

The Dubs' bench is pretty well set, but maybe the comedian can convince one of his iconic creations to sign a 10-day contract with the team.

Let's just hope Prince doesn't get any input on the uniforms. This sleeves thing has gone far enough.

Barnes is hardly unique in his use of social media to connect with fans. As a group, the Warriors are at the forefront of the NBA when it comes to challenges and giveaways like this one. Stephen Curry's #SC30 contests generally cause minor riots as fans scramble to impress the league's most magnanimous sharpshooter.

And Barnes did well to generate tons of enthusiasm for his first #hbquest by really making Dubs fans work for his jerseys.

Not only did participants have to figure out where to go for the prize, they also had to do things like beat Barnes' friend in a game of one-on-one or best his career high in Pop-A-Shot.

I guess the lesson here is to never toss out your old DVDs. You never know when your favorite NBA player might be willing to swap one of his jerseys for your unused junk.