Questions For New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez

Vincent JacksonCorrespondent IApril 3, 2017

In conjunction for the requirements to be eligible to apply for one of the 32 slots to be a NFL correspondent, prospective applicants are asked to ask a series of potential questions to one player of the team they wish to cover.

As a top-five pick, Mark Sanchez will have huge shoes to fill with Brett Favre gone as well as trying to eliminate the doubt and fear Jets fans have grown accustomed to with failed high-priced free agents coming to New York recently.

I've always had a fascination with quarterbacks and how they adapt to pressure both on and off the field.

1.  What was the experience like on draft day?

2.  How do you feel the adjustment has been for you from Los Angeles in a college atmosphere to New York and a pressure-packed professional atmosphere?

3.  Follow up to question one: When you got the call from Jets management telling you that you were going to be a member of the team, was New York your ideal destination for the NFL or were you maybe hoping to stay close to home?

4.  Brett Favre came to New York with almost the same expectations and hype that people have put on you.  What do you bring to the table that a lot of other Jets quarterbacks have lacked in the past?

5.  Other USC quarterbacks such as Sean Salisbury, Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart have found both success and failure in the NFL.  How do you normally react when things do not go your way?

6.  Follow up: The fans here in New York expect results for an athlete of your caliber.  Do you believe you are prepared for the harsh criticism you will face in the spectre of the country's biggest media market?

7.  Who was your favorite player growing up, regardless of position?

8.  What are your personal expectations for the Jets this season?

9.  How do you feel about replacing a legend in Brett Favre?

10.  How have you grasped the playbook and its terminology in your short time here in New York?

11.  People have said you are not NFL ready in playing in only 16 career college games.  How do you respond to that?

12.  How will you feel running through that tunnel on opening day in the Meadowlands in front of a packed house full of 80,000 Jets fans?

13.  Which player are you most eager to get started to work with on the offense?

14.  Follow up: How important is team chemistry to you as a quarterback between himself and his recievers and offensive line?

15.  You have played at the Rose Bowl, one of football's greatest venues.  What NFL stadium are you most excited to be playing in?

16.  Jets management has said that you as a Mexican-American could draw an entire new audience to the NFL and that your presence alone will give them more opportunities to reach out to that specific demographic. 

How do you feel about representing your heritage here in New York?

17.  You are in the same division as Tom Brady and the same conference as Peyton Manning.  Which are you more excited to face and how have they maybe shaped your development as a quarterback?

18.  Do you believe you can be better than your crosstown counterpart, Eli Manning?

19.  What would it mean for you to bring the New York Jets and their fans a world championship considering all the heartbreak they have had to go through?