Kevin Durant's Running Mate

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Kevin Durant's Running Mate
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With the NBA draft lottery coming up, there has been different ideas about ways the OKC Thunder will go in the draft. Some people are saying trade Jeff Green and go get Blake Griffin. Some people are pulling for the Spaniard Ricky Rubio, but I am going to suggest a different strategy. The Thunder have some glaring holes in multiple places. One of these holes the Thunder fixed last year.

Russell Westbrook who is a good defender and a very athletic point guard was the Thunders first round pick of a year ago. That is one piece of the puzzle for the OKC Thunder. The next step needs to be at the SG position! The Thunder need someone that can score with Durant. I feel that James Harden from Arizona State would be a great pick up with the first pick that the OKC Thunder have in this lottery.

Hardin is not a flashy guy, but he does have the capacity to be a big time scorer, and paired with KD they can be a tandem that will be problems for years to come. If the Thunder pick too low with their first pick to take Harden, I think that Stephen Curry would also be a great addition as well.

The Thunder have been terrible at shooting the three and having someone like Curry that you have to account for that can stretch the D would help out Durant tremendously and give him an ample amount of space.

With there second pick in the first round they need to get some athletic depth. Gerald Henderson may be there at age 25, as well as Johnnie Flynn. Both of these players are talented back court guys that can come in with the second unit and run!

Henderson, being more of the athletic finisher, while Flynn is an uptempo point guard. Pairing either on the second unit with Desmond Mason, Earl Watson, Thabo Sefalosha, and the hustling Nick Collison, I think would start the ball rolling in the right direction.

This is how the team would loook if the draft goes this way.

PG Westbrook: First year was a success and the future is very bright! A 15 and five guy.

SG A: James Harden: A very unselfish scorer who can help Durant for years to come.

SG B: Stephen Curry who can absolutely light it up out there and will give Durant some room to work.

SF: Kevin Durant who during his time in the NBA should win a scoring title. In his second season he averaged 25 PPG and six RPG.

PF: Jeff Green who is a solid role player and has a ton of skill. A 16 and six guy

C: Nenad Kristic a solid center that can man the middle. A nine and five guy

This would be a solid nucleus to build on, and there is also the potential to make a deal since they have two first round picks. Tt will be interesting to see what the Thunder decide to do, but no matter what they choose they must get KD some help.  

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