The Potential Of The New Hart Foundation Tyson Kidd, DH Smith, and Natalya

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IMay 14, 2009

Last night on ECW, we finally saw the debut of Davey Boy Smith, but, more importantly, we saw the debut of the New Hart Foundation.

It's about time!

I've been looking forward to this ever since DH Smith was drafted to ecw.

The New Hart Foundation consist of three superstar athletes. Tyson Kidd is Bret Hart; DH Smith is the Anvil Neidhart; Natalya is Jimmy Hart.

This stable has a lot of potential to be something huge.



Natalya could rule the Diva's division and it amazes me that she has not been a champion yet.

The WWE wasted her potential. She has an amazing move set for a diva, and her finisher, the legendary sharpshooter, is effective.

She will become a champion someday, but, for now, she will be the Jimmy Hart of the New Hart Foundation.


DH Smith

I haven't seen him since he bested Carlito and JBL in one-on-one action. He has the potential to top Batista and to know how to wrestle a good match. He made an impression on me when he came out. I like his look—he has the face of a contender.

Usually, when I see DH Smith photos, I see a gigantic smile on his face. Still, he played the heel persona very well.

He was a good actor, but I can't judge his new character yet.


Tyson Kidd

This guy impressed me when I saw his athleticism. The fact that he was the last graduate of the famous Hart Dungeon was enough for me to like him.

His elbow drop finisher is alright, but I would much rather see him do the sharpshooter.