Is Ancelotti the Right Coach for Chelsea?

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IMay 14, 2009

There is no doubting the genius of Carlos Ancelotti.

Carlos Ancelotti  has achieved a lot of success in football for a man of his age. He has won the highest accolades as a player.

His coaching career is equally impressive if not more. After taking over AC Milan from Fatih Terim, he lead them to three Champions League finals and won two of them. It is this amazing feat that perhaps put him in the radar of the Pensioners.

Champions League has been the one major trophy that has eluded Chelsea for long. They have come tantalisingly close to the trophy many times only to lose it. That quest has left Chelsea changing many coaches since the Abramovich era hoping to find the messiah who can lead them to the ultimate glory.

Can Carlos Ancelotti be the man to do it?

Carlos has demonstrated tactical ability in the past but he has never ventured outside of the Seria A. How well can he adapt outside the Seria A especially in a league which is perhaps the most competitive league in current times? What about communication issues that might arise?

Also the failure of Ancelotti in the last season to win the champions league or even hang on to the champions league spot in the league bores as a black spot in an otherwise illustrious career. What went wrong back then? Why couldn't he rescue AC Milan?

This year too, he has failed to lead them to success in the UEFA cup and he lost the Seria A to the new coach on the block, Jose Mourinho. All this after a season that saw the arrivals of big shots like Flamini and Ronaldinho and the loan arrival of Beckham and Shevchenko.

If something similar happens in Chelsea will this failure be tolerated? The loss of the champions league spot and the revenue it brings is will be lost. This will not be good for Chelsea—a fact that was highlighted by the firing of Luiz Fillipe Scolari, halfway through the season.

With all the media rumors predicting that Ancellotti will take the reigns of Chelsea next season, the sole question that pops up to mind is - Is he the right person for Chelsea?