Embrace Who We Are: the Camaroheads

Craig BrownCorrespondent IMay 14, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 1:  A Kansas City Chiefs fan cheers during the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Arrowhead Stadium on October 1, 2006 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs defeated the Niners 41-0.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

In an effort to take a break from personnel and statistical analysis, I've chosen to write about what makes Kansas City Chiefs' fans different from all others across the league.

I've taken road trips to watch the Chiefs in other cities. 

Unfortunately, due to my location, most of my football friends are Rams' fans.

If you've happened to catch a game at the TWA, no wait...Edward Jones Dome, there's no doubt you are stupefied by the utter and disturbing silence of the crowd, cold and damp atmosphere, and lack of pre and post game gatherings.

Witnessing the Chiefs play a game in Nashville at LP field—the atmosphere on game day was pleasing enough...beautiful stadium with passionate fans, but again, a lack of a central parking venue leaves tailgating to be a disappointment.

I've traveled to Indianapolis and the former home of the Colts, the RCA dome. 

Thank goodness that place is gone. 

Upper level bleacher seating and a hideous exterior housed one of the league's most exciting teams.  Again, way too quiet and way too cold.

I took one of my closest friends to Arrowhead for a game two years ago in return for going to the Rams-Chiefs contest in St. Louis.

His first trip was not enough to turn him to the good side, but undoubtedly left a lasting impression on him.

He could not believe the pre game festivities and atmosphere surrounding the stadium.  He was amazed at the passion of the crowd even after the most routine of first down plays. 

He could not believe the uniting of so many different types of people in to one glorious and uniting goal—to cheer on their favorite team.

On our way home from Kansas City, my friend could not stop talking about the experience.  He coined our fans, "The Camaroheads." 

Never had he seen so many bizarre outfits, so many mullets, and so many die hard fans bleeding red right out of their soul in to the depths of Arrowhead Stadium.  And, as he calls it, "respectful" treatment of those not wearing red. 

Good hearted heckling is of course permitted.

Chiefs fans are truly special, and if you've witnessed games in other venues, that will become clearly apparent.  There is a true Midwestern feel with salt of the earth family people mingling with prominent business persons to cheer on their team.

We are not unruly and dangerous like the black hole. 

We are not disrespectful to our own like the notorious Philly faithful. 

We are not supported by a recent history of dominating football, such as the fair weather fans from New England

We do not spark our interest in our team by holding a three ring circus and media frenzy like the Cowboys

We are different, and we should embrace our uniqueness.  Rowdy and loud...our passion for the Chiefs truly gives us a defined place others can only dream of. 

Chiefs' Nation is an entity I'm honored to be part of!