Farewell to the B/R's Version of the 4 Horsemen Alliance

anonymous guyCorrespondent IMay 13, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, normally I would be welcoming you all to an exciting episode of ECW, but that isn't the case this time for now is the time, we all say goodbye to the huge series!

I chose the pic above because I thought it was perfectly fitting as we were the B/R Community's version of the 4 Horsemen!

Above is a pic of the greatest faction to ever grace the red ropes of a wrestling ring. I say that Ray, Greg, AkD, Canny, and I were the greatest faction in B/R Community history.

We hit you all with hard with gripping articles that made you want and yearn for more, but now its all over.

Ray Bogusz, our version of Ric Flair, started this whole project as a singles situation. He gave us all one of the best Smackdown-based articles of all time! But he was missing something...

Greg Bush, our version of Tully Blanchard, jumped in on this project and beefed it up with his own Fantasy, Raw-based articles, but still, something was missing...

I, Anonymous guy, our version of Barry Whindham, slid into the project and was surprisingly accepted as an ECW-based writer, but yet again, something was still missing...

All of a sudden out of no where, we were hit hard with the addition of our very own version of Arn Anderson, AkD!

He jumped on to the scene with the writings of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, and then later on began with the huge opening of the WWE SuperStars show! And we thought that we had everything in full circle... until...

Kevin Canny and the TNA wreckhouse began to deliver some strong pieces of mayhem as our very own J.J. Dillon! And it was all set. We had it all under control and began our quick rise to the top of the B/R Writing world.

Ray "Flair" Bogusz said it himself that he never expected this project to explode the way it did with all of the fans, comments, and ratings going in over these masterpieces! He even got two rookie writers over with the B/R fans in the process.

Their names are, Greg "Tully" Bush and Anonymous "Windham" Guy! These two writers weren't even known to the B/R Community until Mr. Bogusz himself picked them up and brought them to the show!

They did just what Ray thought they would do... flourish, thrive, and grow into veteran article writers with pretty big fan bases behind them. Not only did that happen with this amazing series, but we were named with a new No. 1 Wrestling Article Writer, A"Anderson"kD!

Together, Ray, AkD, Greg, Anon, and Canny wrote hit after hit after hit and even beat out the entire WWE in the Wrestlemania 25 Coverage!

Together these brave men proved that the WWE's creative team has no business writing the stories that you see today on national TV!

With the B/R's 4 Horsemen, they eliminated the competition, destroyed the WWE in ratings, and absolutely killed off the PG era!

No one actually knows when the 4 Horsemen will ride again together, but believe that the current WWE Series is set in stone and completed.


We will always be the original 4 Horsemen of the B/R Community.


--The Anonymous One!