Analysing WWE's Feuds (Week 1): A Fresh Start

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IMay 13, 2009

Welcome to "Analyzing WWE"s Feuds." Here, I will be analyzing the feuds of the WWE and whether I think the feud needs to "End it" or "Pursue it" based on what I see in the feud.

This could include the reasoning behind the rivalry or the quality of matches or the direction of the characters. I hope you enjoy the first article.



Randy Orton and Batista

Currently the WWE is missing Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and The Undertaker. So while they're all taking time off, the WWE is capitalizing on Batista's return and putting him in a feud with Orton.

I only have two problems with this feud. First, the handicap matches are killing me. How many times do I have to watch "the good guy" overcome the odds.

Second, why does Vickie Guerrero always favor the heel? I mean I understand why, but what is the explanation? I mean Orton took out her boss and she should be punishing Orton, not taking his side. A simple explanation would have corrected that.

This is one of the better feuds right now, even though it does have a few problems. With the lack of star power on Raw, these two have to carry the brand while HHH and HBK recover. They work well together in the right situation.

Ruling: Pursue It!


John Cena and The Big Show

Somebody please give Big Show a manager. Show works so much better when he has someone to talk for him. I'm not into this feud at all.

John Cena needs a change of scenery and character advancement. No matter what Cena does, it's going to bore the hell out of me because he is generally a boring guy. He needs new people to work with.

Enter MVP and Matt Hardy. After Judgment Day, I hope this is over.

Ruling: End It!


MVP and William Regal

This one has just begun, but I like the fact that William Regal is continuing to put young guys over. He has already done so with Kofi Kingston and CM Punk and I feel MVP will benefit from this.

It might not develop into a major feud, but I like what I see so far.

Ruling: Pursue it!



Christian and Jack Swagger

I have really enjoyed Swagger and having him feud with Christian really makes ECW pretty enjoyable.

Swagger's in ring style and his chemistry with Cage really shines through when your watching them in the ring. However, this rivalry has just about run its course.

I would like to see Christian or Swagger move on to new opponents like Finlay, Mark Henry, and (if there is a god) Tommy Dreamer. It should conclude after Judgment Day.

Ruling: End it!



Jeff Hardy and Edge

These two have been feuding on and off for almost a year. With the Undertaker taking time off to heal nagging injuries Jeff Hardy stepped up to fill the role of the No. 1 face on the blue brand.

This one is simple Hardy is the number one contender and he wants the World Heavyweight title. That is a nice change. No ridiculous story line. I'm looking at you Cena/Big Show.

Regardless of who wins, this match I want it to continue and add Jericho. No confusing background story just a good ol' fight over the world title.

Ruling: Pursue it!


Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio

First of all, I really like this because having Jericho feud over the Intercontinental Championship makes the title seem important. Establishing it on Smackdown as an important title is vital.

However, there are guys like Shelton Benjamin, Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, R-Truth, and Mike Knox who could do that. Smackdown has a fantastic mid-card and they should be feuding over the I-C.

It should wrap up at Judgment Day. Besides, Jericho is needed in the main event scene.

Ruling: End It!


CM Punk and Umaga

After trying to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot on a prone Edge, Umaga attacked the straight edge superstar and stopped him from stealing Edge's title again.

I thought this was really cool way of keeping Punk away from he World Heavyweight title until the time is right and also gives him something to do.

This really makes Umaga look good. After several years of beating jobbers on television and losing at almost every pay per view I hope this is a sign of change from the "Samoan Bulldozer."

I hope this continues after Judgment Day, as I feel more can be done between these two. Maybe Punk puts up his MITB title shot against Umaga? Who knows?

Ruling: Pursue it!