Jacksonville Jaguars: Meeting the Unknown Rookie, Derek Cox

David NelsonCorrespondent IIIMay 13, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - MAY 1:  Cornerback Derek Cox #21 of the Jacksonville Jaguars sets on defense during a team mini-camp on May 1, 2009 on the practice fields at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

In the third round of the 2009 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars used their first, and at the time, only pick in the round on Temple's defensive tackle Terrance Knighton.

Surprising all Jaguars' fans, the Jaguars wasted no time and traded for the very next selection in the draft.

Trading their 2010 second round pick and one of this year's seventh round picks to the Patriots, they received the ninth overall selection in the third round, or the 73rd overall selection in the draft.

Jaguars fans believed that perhaps the team had a relatively big name player in mind, like Alabama running back Glen Coffee or North Carolina wide receiver Brandon Tate. There must have been a big name guy that the Jaguars could not let slip any further.

When the pick selection was called, a name came out that nobody was familiar with. That name was Derek Cox, a cornerback out of William and Mary.

Even Mel Kiper Jr. wasn't sure what to say about Cox, a guy whose life is devoted to finding out the next big player in the NFL.

Cox, a 6'1", 180 pound cornerback, is a small-school prospect who seemed to have heavily impressed the Jaguars' scouts. 

With plenty on his plate, I believe this would be a great time to get inside of Cox's head and see how he feels about his upcoming career in the NFL.



Question 1: Derek, first off, congratulations on being selected in the NFL draft.  How shocked were you to hear your name in the third round, especially right after the Jaguars gave up a second round pick in next years draft?

Question 2: It's obvious that the Jaguars see something in you that either other scouts didn't notice or perhaps didn't even get to see themselves. What is it that you believe the Jaguars saw in you that made them select you over bigger name cornerbacks that have played against harder competition?

Question 3: The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of many teams that need help right away in their secondary. Do you believe that you will be able to come in right away and help them? 

Question 4: There has only been one Williams and Mary player selected higher than you in the draft, a well known safety named Darren Sharper (selected in the second round in 1997). Do you see any similarities in your skills compared to his? Sharper went on to become a very good safety in this league, do you believe that you can become a very good cornerback?

Question 5: There is no doubt that you did a wonderful job in college; however, what do you believe that you need to do/improve in order to get ready to play against wide receivers such as Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, and Larry Fitzgerald?

Question 6: Are you excited to play in Jacksonville? Is this a team that you can see yourself playing for your whole career?

Question 7: You have a great quarterback, a great running back, and many other very good players on this Jaguars team. Where do you think this team needs improvement in order to reach the playoffs and possibly Super Bowl?

Question 8: You returned a lot of kicks in college, and did a very successful job.  It is obvious that the Jaguars did not select you and give up a future second round pick for a kick returner. However, do you believe that you would be able to handle both kick returning duties and playing cornerback at a high level in the NFL?

Question 9: According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, you were able to get ready for your pro day at William and Mary by working out at Elkin Sports Performance. It was at this pro day that the Jaguars' scouts noticed you. What was it about the facilities that were able to get you ready for the NFL?

Question 10: Derek, it's obvious you have the skill set for the NFL. What cornerback, past or present, would you compare your skill set to?


Thank you very much for your time Derek, and I wish you nothing but great success at the next level. I hope that you can show all the people that do not agree with the Jaguars choice to select you they are wrong. Good luck in the NFL, I look forward to interviewing you again.