Why The Big Show Will Beat John Cena at Judgment Day

Ste EccCorrespondent IMay 13, 2009

I was reading through some of the predictions people have made on the Judgement Day Prediction Competition article by Jev Thorpe, and a few of the comments got me thinking.

Now a huge majority of people have gone for Cena to win. Fair enough, but some people's reasoning made me think.

There were a lot people saying "WWE will never have Cena lose at a PPV" or "Big Show never wins at PPVs" in brackets after their pick. Now forgive me if I'm wrong (and I may well watch Judgement Day and end up eating my words), but that's exactly whats going to happen.

I can hear the ridicule already: "Cena beaten by the Big Show at a Pay-Per-View? You must be joking!"

Well no, actually. I genuinely think Cena's going to lose this weekend. Why? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons.

Firstly, he's "still injured".

Need I say any more?

He's not at 100 percent, which is the only way anyone (other than Triple H, Batista, or another top face) can beat him without cheating. They have their excuse ready for when the littl'uns hero is brutally beaten down.

If anything, I think he'll put on a good show, but then be "unable" to pick Show up for the FU (sorry kids, Attitude Adjustment) due to his injuries. Then while he stands around grimacing in pain, Big Show hits that Knockout Punch of his.

Secondly, The Miz. Now I'm not exactly sure why the WWE have set Miz against Cena. The promos, admittedly, have been hilarious. It has given Miz a bit of a push, granted. However, at this moment in time, Miz is nowhere near the level of Cena (despite his 3-0 record!).

Whatever the reason, they have made themselves another excuse for when Cena loses. Miz interference. It'll build heat for Miz when the kids realise he caused Cena to lose in some way. Plus it allows Cena to get straight back to winning ways when he annihilates Miz on the next Raw.

Thirdly, Cena is the only person on Raw at the moment who can put on a realistic feud with the Big Show. Well, apart from Batista, who I can see getting deeper into his feud with Legacy for at least another PPV.

Let's face it, there are no giants on Raw apart from the Big Show. Taker, Kane, Khali (god forbid we ever see a Show vs Khali rivalry again), Mark Henry, even Kozlov at a stretch, are all on different brands.

Therefore, Show can only realistically be in a feud with someone absurdly strong. Ie Batista or Cena. I already explained why I think Batista is likely to stay unavailable, so Cena is the logical choice.

Add to this a couple of facts. Cena does lose cleanly at PPVs. Heck, after the 2008 Royal Rumble, he only won twice (not including the Orton DQ at No Way Out) at PPVs until Summerslam, where of course he messed up his neck.

This term involved losing to Randy Orton at 'Mania, being second eliminated in the four-way at Backlash, beating JBL twice, before losing to him at Great American Bash, losing clean to HHH at Night of Champions, and losing cleanly to Batista at Summerslam.

Admittedly since coming back he's become something of a god again, beating everyone and everything, unless he's cheated, but that doesn't mean the WWE won't use him to put over a rival for a long feud.

I see Cena staying in this particular feud for at least one more PPV, although I reckon probably two, winning at the Great American Bash to free him up coming into Night of Champions.

This way they can keep Cena out of the title picture for a few months, giving the likes of MVP the chance to get into the title hunt (He did say he would come after Orton after Judgement Day), and allowing Orton the long reign the title needs. Then when he eventually does come after Orton's title, it'll seem more fresh.

Also, Big Show does win at PPV's. Hell, he knocked the Undertaker so silly at No Mercy that the match was stopped. Not many wrestlers can put that on their resume.

Admittedly, Show's never got the sort of push that the top men get, and is generally used as someone to fill the time in between main event runs and title shots for the top stars.

That, however is exactly my point. He will feud with Cena to keep him out of the title picture for a couple of months for the reasons I stated above.

I know there's a good chance I've got this all completely wrong and Cena will overcome all the odds again, but I think this time Cena will come up short. Only so he can overcome the odds again at a later PPV but still.

Let's face it, in the WWE you fairly often get the face losing a few battles (Undertaker vs Big Show), but more often than not, they will win the war.

That's why I think Big Show will win this Sunday, feel free to tell me how very wrong I am, and the WWE won't let their top man lose, but we'll see on Sunday. I look forward to your comments.