Hart Attack: Tyson Kidd and DH Smith to Save WWE Tag Team Division!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 13, 2009

If you saw ECW last night, you saw the TV formation of the New Hart Foundation. While Tyson Kidd was facing Finlay, D. H. Smith made himself known. Smith then attacked the Irishman.

Just when we thought Finlay may be able to hold his own in the attack, Kidd hit him with the Shillelagh.

Then all of a sudden, to add insult to injury, the new pairing hit the infamous “Heart Attack” on Finlay. They showed everyone that a new tag team was now in the WWE, and that everyone else needs to take notice.

D. H. Smith, son of the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, is the powerhouse of the group. Tyson Kidd, an adopted Hart, is the speedy, athletic part of the group.

While some believe, since Tyson Kidd’s real name is T. J. Wilson, that the name “Tyson Kidd” is rather lame. I don’t believe so, as it reminds me of Dynamite Kidd. So maybe the WWE is thinking that, too.

Then you have the manager Natalya, who is arguably just as good as Kidd and Smith in the ring. Daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, she will help them win matches, and also take care of any other manager who is on the opposing team.

And what is so scary about these three, is that all graduated from the infamous Hart Dungeon. Everyone who has come through there has been a champion in the various organizations they have been in.

So taking notice would definitely be a good idea for all tag teamsin the WWE right now.

While the WWE seems to hate tag team wrestling right now, I believe the New Hart Foundation can bring them around. JR mentioned in a recent blog for WWE Universe that tag team wrestling is essentially dead, that no one seems to care about it anymore, and that more excitement comes through singles matches.

I strongly disagree, and cannot believe a respected JR would say such an irresponsible thing. People love tag team wrestling, when it is good. If you put some random team together—any two superstars who might need to change their fortunes—then obviously they are not going to be great together.

But look at what Edge and Christian, the Dudleys, and Hardys had. They had a connection in the ring together, and they did well as a tag team. This is because they worked together for years, developing cohesion that made them superior.

All but one of those teams has split apart now. All of the former participants have done well in singles wrestling. But when we saw them in tag wrestling, we loved them.


They were just plain good, that’s why! They made up new tag moves we had never seen before, and kept us wanting to see more every single time.

When WWE pushes a team that works together for a long period of time, instead of just matching up two random guys for a few months, the action is better. Then of course, the tag wrestling is going to be more fun to watch.

That is what the WWE is NOT doing, and that is why they feel tag wrestling is dead.  The WWE can never seem to learn that lesson.

Take TNA for instance; they have wonderful tag wrestling.


Because they put teams together and have them tag for a little while before going to TV together. Take their recent tag team tournament.

They put teams together we have never seen before and many might have thought would never work. But, they actually did.

Why can’t the WWE do that?

Because they refuse to do so, that is why.

They may be learning their lesson here, and are going to be bringing in more teams that they know the fans will love.

While D. H. Smith and Tyson Kidd could easily be singles wrestlers, they are a tag team now. And they could be one of the best we may see in 2009 and going into the future.

I could easily predict that they will win the Unified Tag Team Titles by the end of 2009. Now that the WWE’s best tag teamin Miz and Morrison has been broken up, there is no other team that could be a legitimate No. 1 tag team.

Sure you have Primo and Carlito Colon, the current Unified Tag Team Champions. But if you have seen RAW lately, it seems as if they are trying to push Carlito’s singles career more than Primo and Carlito’s tag team career.

It’s looking like WWE is falling into the same old trap: creating a tag team to boost a flagging mid-carder’s career; is Carlito really worth it?

Cryme Tyme and Priceless, though, could contend for the tag titles, too.

Problem is that Cryme Tyme is not liked by the WWE creative much, who seem not to want them to be the top team.

Priceless (Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes)could easily be tag team champions in the WWE soon. It appears that the WWE wants Legacy to have as many titles at the same time as possible; why not place the Unified Tag Belts on their waists, to go with Orton’s Heavyweight Title?

Also, they have already been 2-time Tag Champions already, so with that said, it is pretty easy to see them being tag champions again sooner rather than later.

Since New Hart Foundation has just started in the WWE (TV wise), that means they will probably have to wait their turn. With that said, we may see a win from them over Priceless in the future. But since they are heels currently, that would mean a face turn.

However, their initial run as heels has great potential. Becoming faces  just does not make sense right now.

But maybe something regarding Legacy could have them lose the titles to NHF, who knows? Hopefully, WWE is not thinking of breaking up Priceless already. . . but then again, rumblings have DiBiase and Rhodes making a move in singles soon.

In any case, watching Kidd and Smith during their FCW days, I personally fell in love with the group.

They actually have some of the same characteristics as the Harts, and of course that makes sense. But it is also good to see in the WWE, because a lack of great pure wrestling has had many fans upset.

For instance, while you can see Triple H face Randy Orton, and really be into the match, you just cannot say that those two will always give you a great “wrestling” match. Some might consider that sacrilege, but if you are honest, you will admit that it’s true.

Every one of Kidd’s matches has been an exhibition of fine wrestling skills, and he is still very young. He’s just started his WWE career. That is says something to me.

When a young star outshines a big time veteran in the company, you tend to make mental note of the up-and-comer.

Smith is not bad in the ring either. Like his father, he is pretty good in the ring. He is very light on his feet, which is saying something for a guy of his size.

While his first stint in the WWE was not very impressive, he simply was not quite ready. He seemed stiff, and that he was just overwhelmed with what was going on around him.

Going back to FCW was the best thing for him, and I feel the second chance he is getting will turn out to be good for him.

One thing, though, for Smith: he needs to keep his nose clean. He did get in a bit of trouble in the past.

I feel if he does that, he could be a big star in the WWE.

In saying all of that, we may see one of the best tag teams the WWE has created recently when all is said and done with these two.


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