Is Lane Kiffin Good For Tennessee?

brandon nealCorrespondent IMay 13, 2009

KNOXVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 20:  General view of the interior of Neyland Stadium before the game between the Florida Gators and the Tennessee Volunteers on September 20, 2008 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Lame Kiffin! The biggest thing since sliced bread if your from Knoxville. Yet the dumbest thing since the movie Dumb And Dumber if your from most other places. If anybody has made more waves in college football than Lane Kiffin, please tell me who.

Now Lame has been in the headlines of many stories. Top many stories for that matter. This got me wondering—is Lame good for UT football? I believe change can be good or bad. I believe Lane Kiffin is a bad change.

Lets examine what I think are positive things he has done for the University. Well I'll say he has generated a lot of talk and excitement around the program. I'll also say he and his staff has done well in recruiting. To me that's about it.

Things he has done to hurt UT. Well for one thing he has made all teams from the SEC circle the UT game on there calenders. In other words he stacked the chips against his very thin and young team by putting a gigantic targets on there back. That's not a good thing in my opinion.

His condescending attitude towards other SEC teams and high-schools that he recruits from. Telling a kid if he goes to South Carolina he will pump gas for the rest of your life. Or his bashing of a community that he just landed a big recruit from (Pahokee) by basically saying they are two stupid to use a fax machine. And by the way (Pahokee) kicked Lanes staff out of their high-school not to long ago. That will help recruiting

Then you have the stupid comments he makes every other day. One of his classics was, "even bad press is a good thing."

What? Who actually thinks that? Then he makes himself look even more stupid by publicly calling two-time SEC Champion and defending National Championship, king of the SEC, coach Urban Meyer, a cheater. Which was very incorrect as he did not cheat.

He then is spanked and ordered to say he is sorry. He comes out with the ridiculous, "If I offended anybody at UF I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention." If he offended anybody?!? How did he not mean to offend anybody? He just called Urban Meyer a cheater! He didn't think that would offend anybody? No that's exactly what he tried to do. 

He is a very unproven coach with a very young and unproven football team who now is one of the most hated teams in the SEC.

So back to my question. Is he good or bad for Tennessee?