Pittsburgh-Ottawa: Ryan Malone Steals Game 2 for Pens

Jeff GruberContributor IApril 12, 2008

On Friday night, I went over to my friends' house to watch the Capitals open up their series against the Flyers. The Penguins were not on national television (I go to school in Virginia), so I was left to watch the game via computer.

By "watch," I mean stare at a game summary page that was refreshed every 30 seconds or so. I'm a poor college student who can't afford NHL Center Ice or anything of the like.

I started paying attention to the game when the Pens were already up 2-0. A short time later, Pittsburgh's Petr Sykora made it 3-0 with his second goal of the night. I gave a couple Tiger Woods fist pumps and went back to watching the Capitals game. 

A short time later I noticed that the Senators finally put one behind Fleury. "OK," I thought. "I guess they had to score sometime."

The website refreshed again, displaying the score as 3-2 Pens. I was getting nervous, but I knew a locker room speech from Pens coach Michel Therrien would keep the Pittsburgh players focused.

I guess Senators head coach Bryan Murray gave a better speech to his players, as Ottawa tied it up midway through the third period on Cory Bass' first career playoff goal.

At this point, I was beside myself. How in the world was this game tied? The Penguins were bombarding Senators goalie Martin Gerber with shots (they would finish with 54, a team record for regulation shots in a playoff game).

The team gave up only two power-play chances to Ottawa. The stats didn't matter though, because it was a tie game with all the momentum belonging to the Senators.

I kept a close eye on the game for most of the third period, but walked away for a minute to ease my stomach and my mind. I walked back over to the computer a short time later to see that Penguins pulled ahead by one, late in the third period.

A power-play goal by Ryan Malone with 1:02 left to play saved the Pens from what would have been a blown three-goal lead and 1-1 series tie heading up to Ottawa.

When I noticed that the goal was scored with about 33 seconds still left to play, I began screaming at the computer screen "Go Final! Go Final!" referring to the score. I must have sounded like an idiot.

Malone would add another goal with Gerber pulled to make the final score 5-3 Penguins. Pittsburgh now has a 2-0 series lead.

After being held scoreless in Game One, Sidney Crosby had four assists on the night. Evgeni Malkin also added three assists. Sykora and Malone had two goals apiece to power the Pens. 

Ottawa will host Pittsburgh in Game Three on Monday night. I suppose I will be glued to my computer once again for that one. Thank you, Internet.