WWE Outsmarted the Smartest Fans with Triple H Heel Turn

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistAugust 19, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

WWE outsmarted the “smartest” of its fans with Triple H turning heel at SummerSlam.

I keep reading “Triple H can't stay out of the spotlight” or, “Triple H is burying Daniel Bryan.” These fans wouldn't know the meaning of buried in wrestling terminology if the shovel smacked them in the face.

Triple H turning heel, helping Randy Orton become champion and ruining Bryan's celebration is the most logical business decision WWE could have made. It makes Bryan an even bigger star.

The complaints about Triple H are coming from a radical bunch who hate all things corporate and are also still waiting for Zack Ryder to be world champion. This portion of the audience refuse to accept Triple H isn't constantly doing things to benefit himself. This is ironic because Triple H is the guy those fans should thank for being a big part of bringing back some traditional wrestling aspects to WWE's operation.

So, let me get this straight, Triple H turned heel and the “smart” fans reaction is about how much they don't like him. Isn't that the point?

I'm a fan of Bryan both personally and professionally. I want him to be WWE champion, but I want him to be a solidified star even more. What Triple H did at SummerSlam is going to be bigger for Bryan's career than one title win celebration could ever be.

There is more benefit in Bryan chasing the title. The chase is always the best part. Once you finally catch what you've been chasing, then what? This is why Stone Cold Steve Austin constantly would win and then get screwed out of the title in 1998 and 1999. There is more money in the chase.

John Cena is likely going to be out of action while having elbow surgery soon. This leaves Bryan as the top babyface.

If Bryan would have walked out of SummerSlam with no interruption from Orton or Triple H, he would have walked into Raw and had no heel to battle. Orton would have been a babyface with a briefcase, but of course he isn't going to challenge him face-to-face. That would defeat the purpose of Money in the Bank. Superman needs a villain.

Because of what Triple H has done, Bryan is the underdog who got to the top of the mountain and then pushed off. It makes him and his fans want him to succeed even more. Plus, he has a talented heel duo in Triple H and Orton to play opposite of him.

Bryan's situation now is better than ever. He's the top babyface chasing the title that belongs to him with the boss of the company trying anything possible to stop him.

History shows that if you're the babyface in that storyline, you're going to be a big star.