Brett Favre Seen Leaving Dairy Queen With Blizzard (Humor)

Michael ClineSenior Analyst IMay 13, 2009

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL - FEBRUARY 28:  In this handout photo provided by Disney , Brett Favre, who recently announced his retirement, lounges with Goofy on February 28, 2009 at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Favre, who holds multiple NFL records including most passing yards in a career, is at Walt Disney World this weekend for 'ESPN The Weekend,' a sports-themed fan event held at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.  (Photo by Matt Stroshane/Disney Via Getty Images)

It was reported by ESPN that Brett Favre was "throwing" at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

It was NOT reported, however, that after the practice Favre took some of the young players to Dairy Queen for a cold treat.

Although the whole order was not revealed, Favre was seen leaving the facility with a Blizzard in hand.

Closer examination from the guy on the roof with a mega zoom lens showed that the Blizzard included only purple and yellow Skittles.

Purple AND yellow Skittles.


After leaving Dairy Queen, Favre and rest of the gang went back to his place for a Madden tournament.

Favre, as reported by an undisclosed insider, played as the Vikings. After losing in the first round to a kid playing as the Packers, Favre was heard shouting expletives from across the street.

The purple and yellow Skittles Blizzard and the subsequent Madden tournament definitely should lead fans to believe that Brett Favre will return as a Minnesota Viking in the fall of 2009.

It is unknown how ESPN failed to see these two obvious clues that Brett so visibly displayed.

When asked, ESPN executives simply stated that they are committed to reporting relative issues with lots of relatively, based on facts and facts alone.

When asked if they prefer Blizzards or Peanut Buster Parfaits, one said Oreo Blizzard and the other Peanut Buster Parfait.

Updates will come as more details are revealed.