Report: WWE Mad at Ric Flair

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 18, 2013

Ric Flair may be in hot water with WWE
Ric Flair may be in hot water with WWEJason Smith/Getty Images

It appears that WWE is furious with Ric Flair following his, err, antics at last night's 2K14 press conference. You can see the footage here.

For better or worse, Flair completely stole the show. He was loud and rowdy, even by his standards. He also appeared to be somewhat inebriated and cut various rambling promos on WCW, TNA, Daniel Bryan, the perils of marriage and, well, whatever other random subject popped into his head.

It actually got slightly uncomfortable at points.

Of course, in fairness to the star, he did liven up what would have otherwise been a routine video game press conference. And, come on, you don't invite Flair to one of these things and expect him to just sit there politely and say nothing. 

And, besides, he's Ric Flair. No one could possibly stay mad at him. Right?

Well, in today's F4W Daily Update, Dave Meltzer writes that WWE is very unhappy with "The Nature Boy" right now due to his shenanigans at the event, and that he may even have cost himself a potential deal with the company:

From talking to tons of people in and around WWE today, the feeling coming out of last night's 2K14 press conference where Ric Flair hijacked the show is that the video game people weren't bothered at all about it, but the WWE side was pretty upset. "Infuriated" is probably pretty strong, but they weren't happy at all and it might have ruined Flair's chances at least short-term for a PR deal with the company. 

Meltzer went on to say that Flair had been dropped from future video game-related PR duties: "Flair was pulled from the rest of the 2K14 PR."

Yikes. Hopefully Flair's first order of business when he woke up this morning was to dish out an apology or two.