WWE SummerSlam 2013: 4 Shocking Swerves That Could Happen

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 18, 2013


Oh it’s real. It’s damn real. SummerSlam is here. Less than 12 hours away from the second-biggest pay-per-view of the year for the WWE and there are more questions to be answered than a college entrance exam.

And as you can tell, this writer is as excited as a kid at Hanukkah and Christmas.

Four main event matches and plenty to wet our whistle for the night. The WWE has done a good job of promoting its card, but in my opinion, it still missed the boat on a few things like having all of the promotion’s titles defended. I would hope the battle between the McMahons tonight and the impending title change between John Cena/Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton is more than enough to make up for the gaffe.

If not, then the potential greatness of the CM Punk/Brock Lesnar match is enough to make this writer watch a clock all day.

What SummerSlam will prove is that things in wrestling do not always happen according to plan and shouldn’t. The suspense has been missing from the business for some time. The last time anything really happened that shocked us was the unveiling of Devon as the first member of the “Aces and Eights” on TNA.

We all know the WWE can do better than that, and it should tonight. Whoever walks out with Randy Orton and the WWE title will tell us a great deal about how the company is going to write its storylines through the end of the year.

I have been asking for months for there to be some kind of mystery to these pay-per-view events. Maybe that is what happens this time around. And if there is a swerve or two tonight, then it just makes things a little more interesting.

Here are four shocking swerves that could happen.


Stephanie McMahon Helmsley sides with her father against Triple H

We all know there will be a turf war and battle for McMahon supremacy. While it is obvious both Triple H and Vince McMahon are the two major players in this story, Stephanie’s involvement has been on the outside looking in.

Until now.

Could the daughter take sides against her husband in forming a new “Corporation” in the WWE? The two have discussed the fact that business comes first on Raw, but I cannot see anything being as important to Vince McMahon as having family by his side when he tries to fight his son-in-law for supremacy over the company he built.

Who stands by McMahon and who stands by Triple H remains to be seen, but you figure Randy Orton and Wade Barrett will be involved.


Ricardo Rodriguez costs Alberto Del Rio the World title

In the second-most foreseen swerve of the night, Rodriguez finally stands on his own and becomes an instant crowd favorite.

The program between Del Rio and Christian is potentially the most “wrestling” driven match of the night. But there really is a lot at stake for this match.

Del Rio is boring as hell. Christian is craving the "one last match” thing a little too much, and Rodriguez is the wild card in all of this.

Can you say, “Title Change?”

During the match, Rodriguez will come to the ringside area and act like he has forgiven his “friend” for attacking him, but he really is there to make sure Christian wins the title. The third reign may not last long, but it will help move the Damien Sandow/Cody Rhodes storyline along.


Damien Sandow cashes in Money in the Bank contract but loses to Cody Rhodes

If you want to really throw a wrench in the match between the former best friends, put the strap on Sandow and see what happens.

After the match with Christian, ADR attacks him and Rodriguez. With a prone Christian on the mat, Sandow cashes in his briefcase and beats “Captain Charisma.”

Oh wait, there is more.

Now that the World title contract is not in play, SmackDown general manager Vickie Guerrero announces the match between Sandow and Rhodes is now for the World title. The crowd erupts in approval.

Sandow may beat Rhodes or vice versa, but the feud continues with the title now in play heading into Night of Champions.


Someone from the back helps Brock Lesnar beat CM Punk

Another superstar becomes a “Paul Heyman Guy.”

I have a shortlist of superstars I could see added to the mastermind’s stable, but the one name I haven’t mentioned in some time is Matt Morgan.

Hear me out on this one.

Punk and Lesnar beat the hell out of each other. Well, Lesnar starts off by beating the hell out of Punk as expected. Punk then rallies, as expected.

Heyman motions to the back, as expected, to call out his other “guy,” Curtis Axel, but it isn’t Axel who emerges from the back. It is Morgan, a former Heyman guy from his days in the WWE before TNA. The crowd goes wild.

Morgan gets in the ring and beats the hell out of Punk while a prone Lesnar lies on the mat in blood. Heyman’s stable just got a little stronger. Since Lesnar will not fight many more matches this year, there has to be a “machine” added to the stable to keep it going. Axel has not proven to be the guy who can get over with the fans, and Morgan’s size and power just makes sense.