Robert Roode: Is His Future "Money?"

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IMay 12, 2009

TNA has an abundance of young talent.  We've made this statement more times than Dolph Ziggler repeats his name. 

It seems that the "fogeys" like Mick Foley, and the Main Event Mafia (minus Kurt Angle) are put in the main event spotlight far too much. 

When we speak of TNA's young talent, two names primarily are brought into conversation, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. 

It's no doubt that Styles and Joe are two of the most talented individuals in all of wrestling, who need and deserve a main event push. 

AJ has unique athletic ability, and Joe, though he doesn't look like your prototypical wrestler, is a great worker. 

In addition to AJ and Joe, you have guys like Jay Lethal, Daniels, and The Motorcity Machine Guns who bring it every night.

When you think of the above mentioned names, only AJ and Joe are really main event level talent. 

There is one talent in TNA, who in my opinion, is vastly underrated and has main event potential. 

That man is Robert Roode. 

Robert Roode has been in TNA since 2004.  He has had a couple of stints as a singles competitor, but for the most part, his success has come by being apart of a stable or tag team. 

He won the NWA Tag Titles on two occasions, with Eric Young, and is currently one half of Beer Money Inc., with partner James Storm. 

Beer Money are two-time TNA Tag champions and form one of the best tag teams in all of wrestling. 

Robert Roode is regarded by his peers as a guy who can take it to the next level and be a main event guy for TNA.  Kevin Nash stated this in a recent interview and so has former TNA employee Randy Ricci, who appeared as a guest on HTR last week. 

Roode has "the look" that promoters look for and is a solid worker in the ring. 

Though the names are spelled differently, and they are not related, for some reason Robert Roode reminds me of Rick Rude. 

The "ravishing one" had charisma, a great look and was a great heel during his run with WWE, all qualities that Robert Roode possess. 

The dilemma for TNA however is, do you break up one of your best tag teams to push one of its members? 

I think eventually they'll have to. 

Kevin Nash mentioned that he thought Roode would make a great baby face.  TNA could break up Beer Money and start Roode off as a face in a feud with his former partner Storm, then eventually move him up to more high profile feuds with TNA's top heels. 

TNA also has the issue of not being able to develop talent well.  Sure they can take already talented people and push them to the top, but development is not their specialty. 

In the right hands, Robert Roode could shoot all the way to the top.

By "the right hands," I mean the WWE.  

I know the WWE doesn't look highly upon TNA talent, but you have to think that with the WWE's ability to develop talent, Roode could have a chance for a push, if he were to jump ship. 

Vince is obsessed with "the look," and Roode has it, so a potential move to the WWE could work. 

The WWE also has something that Roode (or at least his character) likes. 


Personally, I think that TNA values Roode's talent enough not to let him go, but it's hard to say no to the WWE. 

What ever promotion Robert Roode ends up in, one thing is for certain, his future is chalked full of money and championship gold. 


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