Is Wrestling Real? That Age-Old Question

Blue ChipCorrespondent IMay 12, 2009

My roommates think that wrestling is absolutely ridiculous. A joke! I love it! I see those stats each week, when Smackdown and Raw come back from a break.. I see the fan base, but that is for another article.

Right now, I have to say, I am immersed, as all of of us are. But the one area, I will not falter on, is the insinuation we are watching something fake. We are infact, watching something real.

We see wrestling with amazing athletics, impact, brutality, blood (without the razor from the trunks!), injuries, that are legit, that are worked on, we go from a 2x4 from “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and a match with Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior, for the WWF title and the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania.

Clotheslines that did not even connect, when Hogan fell. A “punch,” that was almost at the face, when Hogan hit the Warrior, and he decided to sell it.


We see the days of ECW past., we can refer back to the “Hardcore championship”  matches and title defenses, to see that. We can even see, today, plenty of TNA and WWE action, with full impact, full hurt on. Tacks, Tables, flames, ladders, chairs, Kendo sticks….

But what else has changed?

Well, my skeptic roommates did not expect to see the pure athletics we see today. The kick (for example) from a common match between John Morrison vs. Charlie Haas, with FULL IMPACT. We see the Great Kahli or Big Show vs. others, with full-on chops!

We would not have seen this back in the old days, and there is no way anyone can say, that is not real.

So what is not real?

The outcome is predetermined. The turning point and key points are pre-existing….

But who is to say that this is different from any other sport these days?

In the Olympics, we saw 12-year-old girls doing gymnastics (Olympics used to be my favorite because they were pure!)

Point shaving amongst basketball, baseball, football…

Coke is used, along or with amphetamines. (that must give them some sort of advantage) there is steroid use now, even in those sports!

There is boxing, UFC, which is now fixed to a point of embarrassment.

I love hockey, but at some point, I have to figure people are being paid to handle it differently.

So what is left as a “pure sport these days? Unfortunately, nothing.

I apologize to sports fans, but WWE is now, almost up there w/ the others……give it a few years. W/ athletes, like Benjamin, Jericho, Jeff hardy, Kofi Kingston, .. we see hard hitting, pure, athleticism.

I would not be surprised to see WWE take a turn toward a “New Japan” wrestling, sort of style. More realistic, less storyline. The story is what we call the “rope opera.”

We know the story to be fake. Announcers, timing, I touch on these in other articles, the posters, for the PPV will show who will win.

All in all, when asked the question, "is wrestling real?", I can only answer, “the moves, the impact, are real. The rest is scripted, but still, full impact."

A man does not allow another, to “slingshot" another into the buckle. I, you, would instinctively, drop to the floor, slide, the keep going.

The fans want to see a show, that is what they give us. We see pyrotechnics!, Spectacular atmosphere, Titantrons, and banners throughout the arena.….

So what can I say when asked that 20 years ago, wrestling WAS, a bit more real.

Thanks for reading.

           The Blue Chip