Lane Kiffin and Archie Bunker

Ctrl-Alt-DelCorrespondent IMay 12, 2009

Lane Kiffin is successful. He is smart, young, and has what appears to be a great family.

He isn't stupid. His problem is an acquired sense of superiority over Southern folk. Minnesotans, as do the great majority of residents from other areas of the nation, consider themselves better than Southerners.

It is what I can only define, in my limited knowledge of human nature, as an arrogant and ultimately harmful state of being. It harms them more than it does us. They don't have the ability to relate to us as we are and accept us for who we are. What a waste.

We are a proud people and we aren't stupid, we aren't uneducated, and we do have electricity and plumbing. I used to regularly visit my cousin in Brooklyn back in the early 90's. This is before I started college, I took about six months off after HS.

It would floor you to really realize the amount of contempt and bigoted ideas many of these so called advanced cultures of the United States have about us. On the whole, their ideas and their cultural bias reveals much more about their innate ignorance than it does anything.

There are millions upon millions of so called educated individuals who judge and condemn human beings without ever having visited their area of the country. Their knowledge of us consists of what their parents, friends, relatives, etc. have told them to believe and what they view on the tube.

I feel sorry for them in many ways. They are not whole; they are consumed by venomous anger that has no grounding in reality or tangible experiences. When they go off discussing their distaste for anything or anyone from the South, I have many times felt it would do them good to maybe have their knuckles thumped or something.

Knuckle draggers are from all areas of the nation, believe me. Kiffin is a knuckle dragging bufoon when it comes to common, humane decency.

That is why Lane Kiffin didn't blink an eyelash when he ravaged the tiny, poverty stricken Florida city of Pahokee that sits on Lake Okeechobee. He considered it his right as an elevated person, from a more advanced part of the nation, to ridicule and shame the people that live there. We are seen as droopy eyed morons that need to be guided and taught.

So many generations of them have had these ideas about Southerners fed to them from the day they were born by their Archie Bunkeresque parents who are just as ill-informed as their parents before them were.