2009 Quarterback Rankings in the SEC

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2009 Quarterback Rankings in the SEC
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Coach Pete Cordelli rated the top three quarterbacks in the SEC, and they are:

1. Tim Tebow, Florida- He had 30 touchdown passes and only four picks in the 2008 season. His ability to make accurate throws in duress and his strength impressed Coach Cordelli most. He is the best in the SEC and in the nation.

2. Jevan Snead, Ole Miss- Snead continued to get better each week in the 2008 season. He had 26 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions last season. Snead has a strong arm and had to learn not to take risks when he didn’t have to. He has the potential to really step up and lead the Rebels in 2009. NFL scouts see Snead as the top rated QB going into the draft if he has a good season.

3. Jordan Jefferson, LSU- The rising sophomore didn’t play until the end of the year, but had an impressive performance against Georgia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A bowl. He was 16 of 25  throwing  with 142 yards, one touchdown and 25 yards rushing. He showed the ability to make the first defender miss. His speed also helped him succeed.

Close to making the list: Ryan Mallett from Arkansas can be a real threat for the Razorbacks after transferring from Michigan. He had a heck of a spring and was recently announced as the starting QB. He is 6′7 and has great vision, but he has to improve his foot quickness. Stephen Garcia from South Carolina needs to be more consistent on and off the field. Steve Spurrier will really make him improve if Garcia can stay out of trouble. Is he the unknown factor for USC? Chris Nickson at Vandy has great feet and ability but there is a question about his durability. He was hurt too often last season.

Coach Cordelli rated the top three QBs in the SEC with an NFL rating system on a scale of 1-5. Below is the evaluation of all three QB’s in 27 categories. Let us know what you think. Did Coach get it right? Is Tebow the best in the nation? What about the ratings from 1-5 for each player? Do you agree or disagree?

Check out http://seclivenews.com/coachs-corner-2009-sec-quarterback-rankings/ to see a more detailed video segment of Coach Cordelli breaking down each quarterback and for a description of what exactly each category entails.

Speed 4 4 5
Agility 4 4 5
Strength 5 4 3
Quickness 4 4 4
Attitude 5 4 4
Leadership 5 4 4
Mental Toughness 5 4 4
Physical Toughness 5 4 3
Aggressiveness 5 4 4
Durability 5 4 4
Consistency 5 4 3
Total: 52 44 43
Q.B. Specifics
Passing Technique 4 4 3
Quickness of Setup 4 4 4
Quickness of Release 4 5 4
Ability to move team 5 4 3
Ability to throw short 4 4 3
Ability to throw long 4 4 3
Arm Strength 5 5 4
Locate Receivers 5 4 4
Timing 4 4 4
Avoid the Rush 4 4 5
Balance 4 4 4
Running Ability 5 4 5
Big Play Ability 5 4 4
Poise under Pressure 5 4 4
Decision Making Ability 5 4 4
Ball Handling 5 4 4
Total: 72 66 62
Overall Total: 124 110 105

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